So this is the last week of acads. A lot of hectic works and stuffs to do.

So, here’s the thing.

I saw my guy friend cried for the first time and he looked so vulnerable that I wanted to hug him and just be there to wipe those tears away. Guess what I did, I went to him while he was crying just sat beside him and told him everything’s gonna be alright.

That probably sucked but at least I was there for him right, I just sat on the floor beside him and didn’t utter a word. Reason: I believe that saying “Are you okay” or “everything’s go

Well, at least I was there to comfort him.


Because my group’s Investigatory Project was accepted, we are going to receive perks. We get to choose who would be our classmates next year!!! \m/

All the hard work had finally paid off!

I hope my friends keep their promise that they would choose a classroom together with us.


I think last Friday was the first time I was able to hug a guy friend… or should I say guy friends?My classmate for three years hugged me, then my classmate during first year hugged me, my other 2 years classmate hugged me also, the dude who has a very low voice, and my nerd guy friend (J2, Jessmoore,Rustom, John, and Ian)

It was kind of awkward at first but soon if faded off.

That’s what happened to the last week of acads. Crying, Hugging, and Goodbyes.


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