So, when I saw the poster of G.I . Joe Retaliation because it has the name of hot stuff CHANNING TATUM, I decided I was so going to watch it. It was just a bonus that Bruce Willis and (my favorite wrestler of all time) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was also in the movie.

But, I hate to break this down to yah fellas, CHANNING TATUM has like an estimated 20-30 minute part in the movie. The movie has 110 minutes and has decided to place Channing Tatum in the first 30 minutes of the movie. AWESOME! (insert sarcasm tone here)

Good thing , the two ninjas in the movie was able to salvage my movie experience. Yeah, I just like Snake Eye and Storm Shadow’s fighting scenes. Actually, they are two characters names I only remember in the whole G.I. Joe Franchise. (Plus, Snake Eye and this ninja girl’s scene in the mountain was pretty awesome because they were able to battle 50 red ninjas. How cool is that)

So, if you really are not a fan of G.I. Joe and just want to see Channing Tatum… I advice you to just rent The Vow.


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