Forever Invisible



First  of all it’s because there is this person I hate who went to America and surprised his girlfriend for their 2nd Anniversary.

When on earth will I even experience something sweet as that?


I probably giving you guys too much info and stuffs… but really these are the days that I feel like I’m going to die surrounded my 99 dogs cause that’s how forever alone I am.

Okay, sometimes, I’m an awkward potato.

Sometimes, I can be an uncontrolled fangirl.

Sometimes, I’m just bored with the world and transport myself to a a place called the INTERNET.

Sometimes, I write stories in Wattpad (Lumos_Cloak531)

But, what can I do?

I’m a person who doesn’t have siblings, obnoxiously overweight, not that rich, doesn’t have the attitude like FAT AMY.

But that’s me… could someone ever love me for who I am?


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