So you probably have heard the news about the things happening between N.Korea and S. Korea. Well, I’m pretty much upset about it.

Thing is I was supposed to go Korea next month for ten days for this exchange program at my school. It’s like also my first time to go out of the country (Philippines) plus, my parents won’t be there. Basically, I could do anything for ten days in another country as long as I don’t go missing.

But no, they think let’s crush a 14 years old dream.

I always thought I would be able to go to Korea and be able to buy the latest gadgets their which would be much cheaper than here. Like the Samsung android camera that would be really handy for my senior year. I would love to document my senior year very much but it adds stress because my camera is a bulky 60D (I love my camera and all but it’s just too heavy to bring everyday)

Samsung Android Camera

I just wish that when I wake up tomorrow… A miracle happened and both countries announce seize fire until my birthday (MAY 31).


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