Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Ψ


Finally! After three years of waiting in Vain at the underworld with in the arms of my beloved Nico De Angelo since the (flopped) Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie, here is the second installment of the movie Franchise.

We know that the actors are not like the Di Immortals who lives forever that’s why i think they are rushing to finish this. They still got three more installments to go and the actors are like turning on their 30s while they portray characters who are in their puberty years. But whatever, at least I got something to look forward to after the Harry Potter and Twilight movies are over.

Actually, so far, the producers are finally on their track of making the movie like the book. For example, Annabeth Chase is finally blond. But I’m saddened the Pierce Brosnan wasn’t able to play Chiron again.

Of course, it is impossible to make a movie the exact carbon copy of the book so guys expect BIG comparisons. But, still looking forward to watch it. (logan lerman hypnotizes me)

So campers, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hits your theaters on August. 🙂


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