My Bucket List


I watched Bucket List with my dad for the second time because we wore bored so I decided to make my own bucket list.

1. Go to London.

2. Go out of town with my friends.

3. Go to Africa with my dad.

4. Have my own sportscar.

5. Have the house of my dreams. (Eco-friendly type of house)

6. Have a Siberian Husky and name it Godric (boy)  or Rowena (girl).

7. Donate a huge amount of money for PAWS, or any thing related to saving the animals.

8. Make my dad cry on my wedding.

9. Meet any of this guys in person: Ian Somerhalder, Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Logan Lerman, Callan McAuliffe, and Tom Felton.

10. Go to a concert of my favorite bands : The Cab, McFly, Rocket to the Moon, and Maroon 5

11. Be able to surf at Hawaii.

12. Go to Alaska.

13. Help a complete stranger.

14. Gain at least 1000 followers in twitter.

15.Slap a person who is rude.

16. Row the boat in the Underground River at Palawan.

17. Feed a koala and a panda.

18. Jump off a waterfall.

19. Hike a mountain.

20. Bike with my guy friend.

21. Join a flash mob or crowd surf.

22. Have a mud fight. 🙂

23. Be able to walk at the beach with no insecurities.

24. Work at Starbucks or J.Co.

25. Make a butter beer.

26. Meet that special someone.

27. Have a Harry Potter/ Percy Jackson themed birthday party.

28. Go crazy at a party.

29. Go shopping everyday in one week.

30. Write a song.

31. Learn to play the guitar.

32. Be able to sing a song in a gig.

33. Visit the set of my favorite tv show.

34. Cruise at the whole of Carribean.

35. Be a wedding photographer.


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