Giving Up


This topic is going to be deep and I don’t know why I’m doing this but I just want to help anyone out there who’s planning it. So SUICIDE is being rampant not only in the Philippines but also the whole world. The statistics said this suicide thing won’t affect my generation because I’m not part of the SUICIDE generation.

But, whatever, let me show you the causes.

Top 3 Causes: (Well, in my opinion but it’s pretty much these things)

1. Lost Hope.

-This happens when too much problems pile up already. They feel like they can’t fix it. That’s why if you have a friend who badly needs help, don’t hesitate to help. EVERYONE HAS THEIR BREAKING POINT.

2. Bullied.

-It’s not their fault that they think much better than you. Wait, I’m not helping. So, other people just don’t really click because everyone is unique. For example, you don’t expect a famous rich dancer just too easily click with a poor anime artist. They don’t click because: 1. Dancer finds the jokes of artist corny. 2. Artist thinks that dancer is arrogant.

Two people don’t just click like that so the other one is going to be the one who is pushed around. For this instance, since dancer is arrogant and rich, he finds any opportunity to mock artist because of his looks and the way he talks. So in this situation people tend to bully because they feel superior and more powerful but deep inside they are more messed up than the one they are bullying.

Please, unless you’re close to that person, you have no right to insult him/her. Take a look at yourself first, will yah?

3. Left Out.

-This is the worst thing. They even desperately hope that they are bullied so at least he/she knows he/she still exists. You know they are like invisible to the world that they desperately attract attention and sometimes this could lead to something else.They also keep their problems to themselves because they don’t have anyone else to share it with.

So maybe now you can go and talk to you classmate who barely talks. not just by pity. do it for the future. you never know that dude who doesn’t talk is the key to remove Global Warming.

Maybe, I should get psychology as my course….


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