Movie: The Ultimate Gift


So my guy friend (John) recommended this movie. He told me about this movie before but I only decided to watch it yesterday night. I thank John for recommending this movie so now I forgive all the pinching to my fats.  I am not a fan of drama movies. I only watch it if I’m in the mood.  (Action, fiction, and comedy = I like) I think I got this trait from my father.

I could say is that you haven’t live your life if you haven’t watched this movie. Even though this movie was released last 2006, it still tackles even the problems of today. Example, people are only there for your money. (USERS!) If they know you don’t have money + you’re not that good looking + you don’t have a quirky personality = YOU ARE NOTHING (As if the lead actor had problems with the good looking and the quirky personality, he won’t be an actor if he didn’t have those.)

So the story started when his ULTRA RICH grandfather died and the lawyer tells the family what they got. Then in the last will he leaves his grand son, Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller), a series of gifts like the gift of work, gift of family, and etc. This 12 gifts leads to the ultimate gift which is…. (Just watch it!)



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