My friends and I decided to go to Burnham Park to skate after we enrolled. (I’m officially a SENIOR!!!!)  There were 9 of us, originally 10. (JM, Clark, Trisha, Donrey, Vince, Zhaira, Anna, Aika, and me) This decision was made final when we just ate lunch at Vizco’s treated by my friend Angela. [At last, she got to treat us! but she left early so she didn’t reach the fun parts] So my friend, Donrey, suggested that we should watch the movie “The Host”. The other guys (plus me) didn’t like this idea but we tagged along (After telling Donrey, countless of times the the movie was corny.)

When we arrived to the mall and reached the cinemas, we found out that “The Host” was only showing from 10:30-2:15 (we arrived around 2p.m.)  So we hopped on a taxi and went skating at Burnham Park. Even though I wasn’t able to skate (I was wearing flats during that time and there is this stupid rule that you can’t skate without socks and you have to pay additional 40 but I was saving that time so no, thanks.)

I just laughed at my friends while they fall on their butts countless of times. After an hour, we decided to move out of the skating ring and go boating. We actually found a boatman that was willing to make 9 persons fit on the boat. So you can pretty much imagine what happened after that. We were all screaming if one just moves because the boat goes unstable. Then I decided to disturb a couple by rowing near them. They were somewhere near the edge… not rowing just hugging. 😉 I’m great like that. I could see the guy is annoyed with us specially when I said, “Get A Room!”   Well, it’s my friends fault. If they disagreed on the first place that I would help row the boat then that incident would not happen.

After the boating trip, the other girls decided to take at trip at the rest room at the park. Anna, the other boys, and me were talking when this man went up to us.

He held out an black iPhone and I thought this guy was just showing-off and I decided to bring out my iPhone, if I ever had one.  He asked us if the iPhone belongs to us but we  were honest so he went away. I should have said “Yes!” to him.

Well, that has what happens to my day when I’m with my friends.


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