April Rush



What I do during summer? Uhm… I shop

Favorite place during the summer: San Juan, La Union and malls

Favorite treat: Halo-Halo

During the first week of April, I went to school to enroll for my senior year, then I met with my friends. [check out the story] After that my parents and I attended a wedding at Pangasinan. It was a very hot day and I can say my life was saved by aircon blasting from the reception. Actually, that was the quickest wedding I’ve ever been. The church only lasted for about 45 mins. while the reception only lasted for about an hour.

On the second week, I met with my friends. [Anna, Kyla, Erika] We were supposed to watch a movie but all the movies that were showing sucked. So we decided to just go to the KTV and we sang 20 songs. Anna has the videos that were very embarrassing. The only sucker thing about the KTV thing is that before they give you the room where you can sing all you can. You have to choose first your songs then they’ll input it to the karaoke machine. Well, at first it was Kyla who was choosing the songs then the next ten songs I was the one choosing. Thing is I didn’t know there was this MTV only section. (no lyrics, just the music video) Really, dude, what’s the use of music video if there was no lyrics, what’s the point in going to a KTV?

Third week, I went with my parents to Manila. I actually just stayed at the mall and shopped and ate. (What a fun summer? No.) Then my rents and I went to the birthday party of our family friend where we stayed at Laguna for two days. The resort they rented was kind of small but at least there was unli aircon and WiFi at the place. It was pretty fun cause my uncle made this Kare-Kare seafood.( Cram dori, squid, tiger shrimps)


During my spare time, I just read books. I love books.

So, yeah that’s the happening of my summer.


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