Things I’m currenty not liking in LIFE


1. When you accidentally hurt yourself. [Paper cut, Chopping the vegetables]

2. When the person you want to avoid appears. [Wild Pokemon appears!!! What do you do: a) avoid b)get your cellphone so it means you’re actually doing something and he/she might not approach you c) Nod at that person to acknowledge presence d) wait for him to approach you first.]

3. I’ve read a lot of books and the only character I know who has the same Horoscope as mine (GEMINI) is Draco Malfoy. He’s a dude and he’s like 32.

4. I seem to be a person who looks unapproachable and I end up not having new friends.

5. I need to stop daydreaming or spacing out. [When I daydream or space out that’s when the important stuffs I need to know seems to be happening 😦 ]

6. I get effing insecure when people whisper in front of me or I hear somebody laugh who’s like 237627831 miles away.

7. I hate it when something goes mainstream and I hate it when nobody can relate to what I’m saying cause they don’t have any idea what I’m saying.

8. How I’m participating in the internet world than the real world [People are so much better with their masks on.]

9.  I dream too much. Expect too much.

10. I like things that are impossible like Pokemons, you liking me back, traveling to London with my friends. grrr… this life.

11. Too much pressure from parents.

12. I read because I want to escape. I watch too much love story and cry over it. Reason: cause I know no one would love me like how they love each other.

[last but not the least]

13. Slowly, I’m becoming pessimistic.


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