It’s Mayday


It’s May and I should be happy cause it’s my birthday month but I guess I can’t have everything. I just had a very unexpectedly good day yesterday but the tide turned during the evening. (sigh)

This is not going to be a detailed things of what happened cause if you want a detailed version then this post would be long and I’m not in the mood to write a very long post right now.

My 3 friends  and I had a conference call then our topic went to college because I learned that right now we should know what exact course we would take and where on earth would we study cause we’re going to be seniors already next year. Then I told them that a certain school has one of the hardest entrance exam and my other friend really wanted to go there. Instead of us supporting her, the insults came like “you think you can go there…blah,blah,blah”

We were still laughing and I found out that my other friend actually hanged up. I tried calling her but her phone can’ t be reached anymore. Later on, I found out in Twitter and WordPress that she was deeply offended. I told my two other friends about this and told them we should probably apologize. Thing is my other friend said why did my other friend post this thing in a “cheap website”. She even actually sent a group message to a couple of people indirecting to my other friend who got offended.

Actually, I know why my friend who got offended posted it in website. I understand her and all.

I also understand my friend who texted the group message.

and both of them actually fought several times already and it always get fixed. Thing is this time, I think I’m part of their fight and I really hate it when that happens.


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