15th Birthday Celebration


I was supposed to start with a polaroid picture of me on my 1st birthday but because of unknown reasons I can’t find the picture. How time flies by and I can’t believe that I’m Fifteen years old already!!! I still feel like I’m 12 years old or something. Thing is I’m fifteen and one more school year… ¹I’m off to college. I’m going to college. I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing or who I want to be and now I’m leaving everything I know… well that really depends if I get to the college I THINK I want.

Well, let’s look at the good side I just turned fifteen and I’m grateful to have friends who are always there for me ²through the good and the bad and the ugly. Yes, and they’re creative as hell. Hahaha okay just one of my friend is creative. I hope she’s reading this. My friend gave me a Hogwarts acceptance letter admitting me to Hogwarts. She also gave me another letter which made me smile for about 5 minutes straight. (While reading the letter, the song “You have more friends than you know” by Glee was playing. While my other friend gave me a rock and a perfume.

My delayed Hogwarts letter, perfume, letter, and a doodle

My delayed Hogwarts letter, perfume, letter, and a doodle

We ate lots of food (spaghetti, pizza, ice cream, chicken… the usual party food) and we did KTV where my friend Aika gave her all. (Well, you know heartbreaks…) It was fun and for the first time no one even dared complain and shut off the electricity. (It happened once. Long story.) Playing songs of when You’re Gone and Thinking of You, we could really feel the emotions.

Blowing candles since '98

Blowing candles since ’98

Even though not all of my friends were able to come to my celebration (due to reasons like they are out of town or something), I still enjoyed it. I’d like to thank my friends  for going to my house to celebrate with me on my birthday. (It was supposed to be a sleepover but people can’t go because of parents that’s why I just made it lunch.) I also like to thank the people who made time to greet me. Even though it was just a simple ‘Happy Birthday Alex!’ , well it made me smile. ヽ(•‿•)ノ

I really like to place all the stuffs that happened but I don’t have the time and I’m lazy. 😀


¹ I Like it Like That by Cecily von Ziegeser

² Forever and Always by Parachute


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