Not so ‘BEAUTIFUL’ movie


So when I first saw Beautiful Creatures at the book stands I thought, “Here’s another boring mythical love story.”

Well, in book stands you can see Angel, Vampire, Werewolf, even Zombie (but I like Warm Bodies… A LOT) books and the thought of reading another book about them bores me that’s why I have resolved to boring unreal but most likely to happen in real life for their are no sparkly fairies and six-packed wolf books. (Such as Just One Day, The Boyfriend Thief, and This is What Happy Looks Like)

I watched the movie and heck I didn’t understand anything. Just the part that the guy had amnesia then shouted the girl’s name at the end. Since the movie made me interested in the world of Casters but I still effin hate the movie, I decided to finally give up with my pride and read the book.

It’s just like what they did to the Percy Jackson movies… changed the whole plot!!! I don’t even know why the producers bother placing based on the novel of (insert author here) if they won’t even follow the plot.

Things that differ from the movie and the book. Warning! May contain spoilers.

  1. Ethan doesn’t have midnight runs and specially not to his mom’s grave.
  2. Ethan got the locket at Greenbrier when he was talking to Lena.
  3. Lena did not erase the memories of Ethan.
  4. Macon and Amma did try to separate Ethan and Lena but they learned it’s best not to since Ethan was able to save Lena from being dark/dying during Halloween.
  5. Amma is not the Keeper of the Caster Library or even the Mortal Library. It’s Marian!!!  Well, she was cut-off from the movie.
  6. The whole death scene of Macon and birthday scene of Lena is so different.
  7. Have you seen a dog named Boo Ridley?
  8. Ethan died and Lena used the Book of Moons to bring him back.
  9. There’s this song that Ethan hears all the time ‘Sixteen Moons’ and it like predicts the future.
  10. Last but not the least, LINK SHOULD BE A LOT HOTTER!

Guys, the Beutiful Creatures series written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is a great book and you guys should probably give the Caster World a chance. 🙂


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