Going back to school


So tomorrow would be my first day to my last year in my school.

My ticket is ready.
My luggage is ready.
Even my owl, Florizel, is ready.
Slytherin! I come back with a vengeance.

My ticket 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s still June and classes would start on September. Who am I kidding? I’m going back to a muggle school stuck with muggles. I’m just kidding. Muggle school is really not that bad especially if you have a great friends like my friends. But I also have a problem with my friends. I have too many and I really don’t know to which group of friends would I go with tomorrow. So many friends, so little time. 

Another problem, also just popped in my head. How on earth would I document my senior year? Bringing a heavy bulky camera to school is not one of my options. Jolting down my thoughts on a journal is too mainstream. (It really sucks when what you’re doing with your group of friends spreads out to the popular kids then they follow you. It just make everything so wrong.) Blogging it in Tumblr or WordPress is not really a good idea. (Traumatize by what happened to Jenna in Awkward plus I don’t want to add my problems to your own problems in the real world. ) 

How I wish I have a Polaroid or the Instax my friend mentions or Samsung S4.

How I wish I could be absent so I could finish all my Summer to-do list.

All I could do is wish.

but I can’t be absent… well I can but I just can’t miss my first day in school, right? And who knows maybe something unexpected could happen.

Oh well, I know you’re excited for my next post about my first day in school but you guys have to wait. You know you love me, xoxo, Alex.


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