Senior Year


I’ve got a lot of things that I look forward to this years. I think my senior year would be composed of : STRESS.FUN.STRESS.FUN.STRESS.

STRESS: Of course, we can’t avoid the upcoming CETs (College Entrance Test). I wish we could have one problem in senior year but (Insert Sofia Vergara’s voice) no they give us lots of problems. There’s also this thing that we need to pass called Thesis. Another one would be (cause our school is original and kind of weird) the senior help run the school so of course we have to check our every move and be examples to the lower years. Also there are these subjects called Physics and Calculus that’s sure going to kill our brains.

FUN:  Friends. Friends. and if possible teachers and the lower years. We are going to be these people for 10 months. So, like it or love to hate it, we really have to mingle with this people. You know the saying : If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Well, do you really want to suffer your last year in high school sulking in the corner hating those people because you know they are full of themselves, or simply annoying? I know you don’t want to so to solve your problem stop sulking and try to mingle with people. Who knows maybe you’ll end up being close friends with the ones who annoy you.

If you’re asking on what happened to school today? Let’s say I’m too tired form standing and walking around for like how many times of the day plus the brown out to even recall the events that happened to day. I could only remember lots of M&Ms, Belgian Waffle, and a weird conversation I heard while I was at the rest room.

Or is it just I’m too annoyed with this day that I don’t know where to start.

You know you love me, xoxo,



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