What happened to me?


Here’s like the highlights of the things that happened during the times I did not update this blog.


  • grrrr… cause did I tell you that my crush and I are actually classmates this school year. (even though the sectioning were reshuffled we’re still classmates) Before my birthday, a friend of mine told me that we would have a “deal with the universe”. Here’s the deal if my crush and I are classmates for the incoming school year then my crush and I are soul mates. If my crush and I are not classmates then my friend doesn’t have any choice but to tell me who is her crush.  Obviously, it’s still up to the universe if it wants my destiny to end up like that.
  • My guy friend and my other friends who are girls can’t stop teasing me. Like simple things… especially my guy friend, John, he makes a huge deal about me and my crush having the same score and stuffs. That’s why I’m looking for potential girlfriends for him so he would stop bugging me. Yeah… he’s too picky.
  • EHRMAYGERD!!! S.O.S. So because of these teasings… I had this guy classmate of mine who heard this teasing and ehrmygerd!!! he actually said this aloud,“ALEX CRUSH MO SI ______” Thing is the whole class decided to keep quiet that time and everybody heard it. Except my crush who was absent cause he was sick. Okay stalker mode. I’ll SHATAP now.
  • my cush texted me and my reaction was kind of like that

2. I watched Despicable Me 2 3D by myself. Actually, I was supposed to go with my friends but there had been conflict with our schedules so I wasn’t able to go. To make up for leaving me, they actually treated me Starbucks and since I’m a good friend… I ordered one of the most expensive drinks at the house.  🙂

3. Our school is unique and hipster and we’ve got this Angel (the 4th years) and Soul (grade 7) relationship. the 4th years are liked tasked to take care of the freshies. I have a soul and we haven’t formally met yet but I actually stalked her. She’s the sister of my history teacher. o.o

4. When we reach senior year, we also have I.P. (Investigatory Projects) So my group went back to zero because of lots of rejections or projects that were beyond our capabilities. Anyway, there’s always a rainbow after the rain… we already have a good I.P. title and we might even compete and hope we get to regionals. (My teacher promised me that he would treat us eat-all-you-can if we get first prize in the regionals. )

Japanese buffet sounds good

5. My friend brought her “Monsters University” mat [ Note: i haven’t watched MU yet 😦 ] to school and my friends and I were all like sleeping during breaks. Gawd, trust me if you have a boring algeb teacher… you’ll really want to sleep.

6. Speaking of algeb teacher… I swear my algeb teacher doesn’t like me. Well, the feeling is mutual.


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