Ugly on the outside


“With great power comes with with great responsibility…”

A quote from our beloved Uncle Ben…

it really is something that we could apply in our daily lives…

Thing is with great power comes with the choice to use your power for the benefit of the good or just watch at your sofa and be a couched potato.

So I’m going to set my point straight.

  • To the boy who does nothing at all… just sits and gives orders…
  • A big parasite: groups with nerds/responsible enough kids so that you can have a high score even if you don’t do anything.
  • The guy who was appointed the highest form of leadership/leadership because people thought he could do it. (Didn’t even bother to show the people who believed him that they are right.)
  • The person whom I met last school year personally and asked people who anointed you, “Why him?”
  • The one who was entrusted with great power by people who still believed in you even though I told them you weren’t good enough….
  • To the guy who’s madly deeply in love with his LDR GF and can’t get his priorities straight.
  • and the spoiled rich kid who gives bad jokes about the unfortunates…

the ones on top actually sum up to the person you are.

Eff You bery much.

Still, I thank you because of your lack of responsibility and awareness and everything… I’m motivated to be better than you. So by the end of the year, I can slap you because I could have been a better leader than you, WETCH!


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