End of July


Here’s the highlights this month:

1. A successful outreach program! With the help of my batch mates, teacher in Research , and my friends (Shout out to John who helped me from the solicitation letter to the program and stuffs)  … I was able to pull off a successful feeding program for the kids.

feeding program

feeding program

After the feeding program, we went straight to my friend’s house cause it’s her birthday celebration. Tons of food greeted us but with out of respect to our other friends who still went on a detour before going to my friend’s house… we waited. Lucky for me, I stopped by John’s house and ate porridge prepared by his mom which we also served in the feeding program. (It was the best porridge I ever tasted!!!)

Food in my friend's house

Food in my friend’s house

2. We actually do have progress in our investigatory Project. It’s how to multiply the number of a certain species which is nearly endangered. Yeah,,,, it has something to do with reproduction and stuffs. Let’s make it complicated and say that, my group mates and I are conducting a study about Ova-RH and the pituitary gland extracted from catfish which wold be spawned into the Japanese eel.  (I feel smart after saying that)

picture below by the right is the fish that we would help multiply

picture below by the right is the fish that we would help multiply

So, originally we were just three in a group but there’s this girl that was added by our teacher in our group. I really don’t like her cause she’s socially awkward and I’d rather have introverts…  Plus, she wasn’t there when we got rejected by people in helping us find our Investigatory Project. She wasn’t there when we took very long walks in hopes of finding a good project.

The plus side is even though she’s like just using our group so she could compete ( cause our I.P. is science fair competition material), well we still got permission from the school that we could be excused when we conduct our experiment. (The lab is used by a lot of groups and there’s no enough materials)

3. I really really have this feeling that my crush knows that he’s my crush. He just doesn’t want things to be awkward that’ why he’s trying to stay cool about it. But I really can’t stay cool cause…. not only do I think my crush knows that he is my crush, I think the whole class knows and they won’t shut up about it.

4. CETs (College Entrance Tests) reviews here and there. So since my dream school’s CET would be right after my first grading exams… I decided to set my priorities and concentrate on reviewing my dream school’s CET.

5. I’m so enjoying my senior year. Even though it’s been a hell of a month… I enjoy it cause I have friends who make me laugh, embarrassing moments in which I would look back to, and achievements in which I could be proud of. 😀 (Yeah, I made my friend cried in her surprise celebration.)

Details on the surprise b-day celeb: So my friend’s b-day is on the 21st of July which is unfortunately a Sunday. We had a plans on giving her a surprise party the next day but we didn’t have enough money so we decided to push it to Wednesday. Then when it was Monday, my 3rd year classmates and I have a celebration for our adviser then a little tweety bird told me that my friend expected that her surprise would be joined with the celeb of our teacher and she got teary-eyed… something like that. We decided to move it on a Friday to give us more time to prepare and make my friend feel we really forgot about her. Hahaha XD I walked around the city looking for a Fighting Fish… my feet killed me after that.

this friends of mine who could  tease me to death but I still care about

these friends of mine who could
tease me to death but I still care about

Hope August could be a blast too…


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