One-sided love



What if the one you intended to be one-sided love (just keep to your self and your circle of friends), suddenly turns up to be something that the whole world already knows about except that person who you really like?

Thing is when people fall in love or just fall in love in the idea of love, everything changes. You’re going to share this things to your closest friends. Your friends who would tease you to death or even make weird deals with you about your crush. But sometimes things get out of your control and suddenly the whole world knows who is your crush already.

Okay, I’m exaggerating about the whole world knowing who is my crush… but the whole class has an idea who is my crush already. Then they’re teasing me about it already. Well, if it weren’t for the talent show in one of our subjects then maybe nobody would go figure it.  The guy I have a crush on and his friend decided to have their little stand-up comedy show. They made pick-up lines for the whole class… some where cheesy… some did not make sense at all… still the whole class enjoyed. I’m not really going to be specific about the pick-up line but it goes like this…

His friend said something cheesy about my name while I was thinking how come my crush did not say that cheesy pick-up line, then my crush acts mad at his friend and said, “What are you saying to my girlfriend?”

The whole class reacts and I’m like dying of happiness.

Hahaha…. How I wish that was true…

Still, it’s senior year and I really don’t have time for love.

Hahaha… joke. Maybe if the right time comes… then so be it.


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