Tips for UPCAT and other CETs


This is the season of CETs. We are done with our UPCAT exams but here are other tips from me that might help you guys to ace/pass the test.

1. Arrive in your testing site at maximum of 30 minutes before the given time.

2. Even though if they said to bring 2 well-sharpened Mongol #2 pencils, bring more than 2… at minimum bring 4 DULL-SHARPENED pencils. If your pencil is well-sharpened hen you’re going to shade then you would be wasting time shading instead of answering the next question already.

3. Follow the rules. [E.g. do not cheat, or if your proctor says “Walk faster” that actually means “Run for your lives”]

4. Do not bring your reviewer cause I’m telling you already that last minute review is pointless…

5. Do not bring your expensive gadgets. Okay dude, you’re going to take the exam that would hold your future. Do not bring your very expensive SLR and take pictures of yourself with a caption ” #UPCAT so hard”

6. If it is right-minus-wrong then if you really do not have any idea about the answer then it’s best to leave it blank. But try using the POE first (Power of Elimination)

7. It’s really helpful to enroll on CET review centers cause the coverage of the CETs are mostly from your 1st year to 3rd year. Plus, schools don’t really have the same lessons with each other.

8. Try to aim to perfect the Reading Comprehension and the Language Proficiency parts. That would really pull up your sinking grades in Math and Science.

9. For essay questions, go straight to the point and avoid using words that are very noseblooding. Plus, make sure your hand writing is legible enough. I know we all have our different font styles but the checker of the exam would not bother to check a hand writing like a doctor.

10. CHOCOLATE RUSH. Stock chocolate in your snacks. Eat chocolate per subjects and make sure that chocolate doesn’t melt easily or else that sweet chocolate might ruin your answer sheet.


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