Emineo X-I-V


Probably wondering, what  Emineo is? It’s not Eminem + Oreo…

It is actually the Latin word for “Be Remarkable”.

In our school, it is actually required to have a batch name which would define you as a batch. Since, other batches had Latin names, we thought why not let’s go for something like “OHANA”. Great idea, except we don’t really treat each other as family. So, we went back to Latin, then we figured why not something related to “fixing problems”. (Yes, our batch a lot of problems). If you google the word “Obstinatus” there’s this other translation which means stubborn. Yes, it’s true but do we really want to be known as the batch whose name is STUBBORN?! Hell to the no!

Then our teacher suggested why not translate the word “Remarkable”? We google translated it and we got the word Emineo.

That's me in my batch jacket.

That’s me in my batch jacket.

Be Remarkable? What did we do that’s so remarkable?

Actually, we really haven’t prove anything yet… that actually makes us remarkable. We’re the batch that entered our school with a lot of potentials and is soon leaving with nothing but problems. Just kidding, we’re remarkable cause we’re the 50th batch.

Since, the level of expectation from our batch is so high… it is actually so hard to meet. Still, we strive hard to prove them that they are wrong. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Slowly, we’re changing ourselves to reach our goal and that is proving that even though we get so messy at times, we still have the fire in as that’s burning.

By the end of the school year, I hope that we could prove to them that we’re EMINEO.

My remarkable batch

My remarkable batch



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