27 hours awake


Here’s the thing, my friends and I are gunning to join the DOST Regional Science invention contest. So this is were our Investigatory Project comes in.  This story happened last Wednesday. Actually it was supposed to happen last Tuesday but  we canceled it because the rain stopped us.

Ahh, it’s  holiday. Thankfully I could rest. NO!!!!

My friend called  and said that we should come over at his house and edit our IP cause if we really want to win then we should really finalize our IP. So even though the rain was pouring hard and the wind was giving my hair a bad hair day look, my group mate and I went. My original plan was actually to watch “Conjuring” at my friend’s house. [And be a pig because my friend’s mom make good food] But I know I still have a  lot of chances to do that but you only get one chance to actually win a Science fair.

So it was getting late already and not only were we doing our own Investigatory Projects but we were also editing my batch mates’ IPs. I should probably have went home when the clock strikes at 9 but I didn’t. One reason would be: Earlier that day my friends and I had this short coffee break and watched a short documentary film about the doll in Conjuring.

Probably thinking “didn’t my rents get mad or something?”

My answer would be “How would they get mad if they don’t even know cause they are like 500 km away?” 😉

It was already 11:00 and we were already hoping that classes are suspended the next day so that we can finish not only our IP but also our batch mates. (We did their IPs cause we don’t want to dishonor the school and my batchmates kept on excusing themselves at classes and it would be shameful if they had suckish papers)

My friends and I started to make inside jokes…. it’s like Ma-Janine Togonon. But instead of celebs, we used our batch mates’ names. That was like our only happiness cause our brains are all squeezed out already. We were like laughing like retards then we decided to go to this nearby cafe. Two of my friends were left at the house to ensure that nobody goes stealing our stuffs. (*ahem* PDA *ahem*) So my teacher who was with us and my other friend together with me, didn’t care that the rain was pouring hard. Our caffeine need has to be fueled so badly.

It really is true that when it is like 12 midnight, that’s where the convo starts to be serious and all secrets start to be shared. XD Since nòbody else was at the café, we shared secrets which can’t be shared.

By 1 PM, we went back to work and it was already 4 Am and all of the sudden it stopped raining. My friends already plan on just being absent and I’m like my parents don’t know that I’m here and being absent would be a giveaway that I sleptover at a friend’s house which is NOT ALLOWED!!!

Luckily by 5 AM, our principal announced that classes are SUSPENDED which really lit all of us. I went home around 7 AM to take a bath then by 8 I went back to my friend’s house to finish what we started. On my way back to our friend’s house, I freakin’ fell asleep at the taxi. -.-

2 PM: i went to town to buy Chao Fan cause I was really craving for it.


I vow to myself to NEVER do that again…. EVER!


(Below is a pic of me at 5AM in the morning….EYEBAGSSSSSSS)



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