Brief history of the Girl Scout of the Philippines:

It started with Lord Robert Powel. He thought of taking scouting to a whole new level. In the Philippines it was founded by Josefa Escoda. So that’s the only stuffs I know about the history of GSP.

My selfie in a Girl scout uniform

My selfie in a Girl scout uniform

So today is the SOFAD written exam and interview for the SOFAD thing. Ever since I was a freshman, I had admired the seniors who were able to qualify in the SOFAD thing. I lost hope of being able to at least try to qualify or even take the exam for SOFAD cause apparently I am not an active girl scout. [Insert blame parents for not allowing me to go to camps]

I only became an active girl scout when we had Korean Exchange of Scouts held last  school year, then they were out of scouts so they told me to join. It was a one week event which was actually fun.

Truth is the written exam of the SOFAD thingy, was the hardest exam I’ve ever done in my whole life. REASON:Like I said, I have no idea about the history of girl scout or anything about girl scouts… just the part that girl scouts should always be prepared. That is like 20 % of the qualification… which sucks for me cause the highest score I would get over all would be 80 %.

I believe that you really don’t have to memorize the history and stuffs, the important thing is you know how to apply it in your day-to day basis. You should be able to embody being a girl scout all through out….hehehe i should have made an essay at the back of my paper.

The interview part was easier than the written exam but I made a huge mistake. The interviewer told me to recite the Girl Scout Law…. instead i recited the Girl Scout Promise….. sucks to be me.

Still, if it it destiny that i qualify then I hope I really would get in.

L-R jescyll, Me,aika, alyana :)

L-R jescyll, Me,aika, alyana 🙂


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