Bitterday Surprises


From the title above, you’ve probably guessed that I am bitter at birthday surprises. Well, your guess is actually damn right. If you haven’t guessed it sooner then maybe your brain is still in dial-up connection. [*laughs* Just kidding bro *laughs at you*]

Okay, so admittingly…. I NEVER EVER HAD SURPRISE BIRTHDAY CELEB. If you had one, even like for once in your boring life, then I salute your friends and family for being so damn creative. Still, I really could not blame my friends and rents for their lack of creativity cause apperently… my birthday falls under summer vacay. If there’s any celebration… it’s never a surprise cause actually I’m the one who plans/organizes my own birthday celeb. [Sarcastic “YAY! here]

Since my whining and weirdness could not bring back what’s done then… let’s move on and show how to plan a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY.

1. Make it unique. If your gimmick has been think of a new one…. squeeze that creative brain of yours for new ideas.

2. SAVE. You would probably use props for your gimmicks so save money probably two weeks before the birthday surprise. If you have other friends with you… pizza cut the amount of money that would be contributed.

3. Sucking-up to the seller/sales person. Make bola actually. You are probably still a student which means your money comes from your fixed allowance. We really don’t want spending thousands to our friends… I know they deserve a great birthday surprise but remember if they really are our true friends they would understand that we just don’t want to spend thousands. Use flattery words to the sales person [Warning: If you know your beauty can really manipulate other people then let your other friend do this for you. We don’t want creepy stalker salesman later on.] and you could get discounts.

4. Have a PLAN B and C. You never know what could happen. For example, you actually do not have enough money or there was this conflict of schedule. I mean since it’s a surprise party, you never know if your friend actually made plans with her boyfriend instead of you.

5. Calm your tits self I mean. I know you made the best SURPRISE PARTY everrrr… but when you get too excited… you would actually tend to drop hints to your friend. REMEMBER: THIS IS A SURPRISE PARTY. You don’t want your friend actually having hints that you’ll give him/her a surprise party. That would totally kill all your preparations.


I would take as an example my friend’s birthday party.

1. So the original plan was not to greet him then we would take him to a classroom and surprise him. But things change so we decided not to greet him then some of my friends would take him to the park while the rest would be buying the stuffs needed. [Balloons, cake…]

2. The money was of course cut into a pizza cut. The others really had a bigger share to the money used for everything. We spent all our money in printing our thesis.

3. I don’t know why but my friend argued with the sales person… we didn’t get a discount. But ever since, I’ve been getting discounts by sucking up to the sales person. Like, of course, complement that they have a great service unlike the other stores you’ve been to.

4. My friend actually decided not to come to school on his birthday but we really forced him to go… which I think led him to the conclusion he would really have a birthday party.

5. Erggggghhh…. we were overwhelmed to much that our acting skills can’t cover up any more… that’s why he knew we would surprise him.

The balloons have big letters forming EMMA WATSON

The balloons have big letters forming EMMA WATSON


The day ended up pretty well.

The day ended up pretty well.


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