Starting September with a ROAR!!!


It’s a new month and we’re going to start the countdown before my high school life ends. Okay, that’s like 6 months to go… but there’s only 3 months left before Christmas and–and unfortunately I haven’t saved money yet because spend here… outing there, I. P. everywhere…

Speaking of I.P., my group got into the Intel Competition which means we get to have 5 day vacation. Okay, just kidding, we got 5 days leave from school because of the competition. Hell yeah!!! Thinking about it… I AM NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO WATCH THE FIRST EP OF GLEE…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This September enters with a great weather, I really hope that there would be lesser typhoons this week. I just can’t take or imagine having to enter a Saturday Class. I’ll go crazy!!! Like, I stay with those annoying people for 5 weeks, 8 hour a day. The only advantage of having Saturday Class is that you get additional allowance. But really, I just want to make love to my bed every Saturdays. 😉

Still, this September made me question if their really is any happy ending for people. I mean look at the States… divorce here, divorce there, divorce everywhere. It’s like nobody gets to be really happy in the end. We all start this great relationship but in the end we end up sulking in the corner thinking why on earth did you ever love that person. Actually, it’s my friend and her boyfriend that made me question this. They were like OTP, MTB, match-made in heaven…. in the end they had this mutual break-up. [I’m giving it a week… they’ll be together again.]

I’m pigging out with all this pile of homework given by the teachers everyday. How on earth can I survive 6 days…. 6 DAYS?!

I really hope September ends up as a memorable month. 🙂


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