Rough September


We’re down to 14 days of September but ,seriously, it’s like those 14 days were like a year without rain. Okay, that’s a corny joke. So I’ve been through a lot in the past 14 days and I’m going to highlight the events of these 14 days.

  • I went to sleep over once again without asking permission from my ‘rents. (Medyo bad girl)
  • So something happened in that sleepover that I really can’t really say. Just think this is one of Ali’s (PLL) sleep over where lots of things happened and let’s call this thing that happened in the sleep over “The Jenna Thing”
  • We actually have Saturday classes at school and so to save myself from being caught by my ‘rents, I still went to school early without the people I went to in the sleep over.
  • “The Jenna Thing” spreads before I could even eat lunch. Since all those guys I went with to the sleep over decided to stay at home to sleep, I was left to face “The Jenna Thing” by myself.
  • I really am thankful for my “new found” friends for sticking up with me even if I didn’t tell them the whole story.
  • Did I mention that I wrote a letter for my crush. Our English teacher told us to write a letter to two people whether they’re from the school or outside of school. My friends and I would sound like elementary kids here but we dared each other to write letters for our crush or somebody who has a crush on them. [My letter was actually a jigsaw puzzle type. The deadline of the letter was last last Friday and I even got an incident report for allegedly cutting classes just to finish that letter.]
  • A new week came and I’ve been avoiding a floor the entire week because all those who hate me because of “The Jenna Thing” are in that floor.
  • So our English letter/mail man distributed the letters in class, my heart started to race fast and I felt like I was going to palpitate or something. Then when my crush got the letter he opened the envelop and of course he was surprised because apparently the letter was cut into pieces. Since, I forgot to place the instructions…. he just looked at the pieces. (yeah, he actually is smart but can’t figure out that my letter is a puzzle)  Luckily, his friend who’s also my friend [who was with me in my “allegedly cutting classes case”], told him that “Maybe it’s a puzzle. You know who is it from?” My crush says, “Maybe when I fix the puzzle…. I won’t sleep later until I fix that puzzle.”
  • My other classmate wrote my crush a letter also. The creepy thing is, he placed a picture of my crush sleeping in his letter. I saw the picture and I know that since I’m the photographer of the picture and the one who uploaded that picture in FB is that, that picture is placed under the 1000 + pictures I have. Meaning, my class mate is a stalker of my crush. The creepiness did not stop there. He actually placed “Hey!!!! Crush?!?” in his letter. Then he placed a correction tape on the “Crush?!?” but my friend removed the correction tape in the end and showed to my crush that there’s actually “Hey!!! Crush?!?”
  • This is actually a problem because I think my crush knows that he’s my crush and I think he’ll say that I’m obsessed with him to actually place like that. My letter actually contains a friendly note and from one of his favorite anime…. Ish!!! I’m not obsessed with him or love him to the moon and back….. He’s just my crush.
  • I am actually starting to realize who my friends really are. just the realization you know….


Still, even if I’ve been though a lot of shit this high school and my high school isn’t turning into one of those musical movie in Disney which I thought how High School would be for me…. I don’t want it to end.


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