It’s senior year baby, and you don’t get to repeat your experiences again in life. I’m gonna share to you the sleep overs that are worth going to… and the sleep overs you can say “PASS FOR NOW, BRO”


✅ You’ve got to do something related to your grades. Even your ‘rents would let you go. These sleep overs tend to go somewhere not related to acads anymore… You’ll probably end up watching movies or have a water gun war.

✅ It’s your friend’s birthday!!! GO CELEBRATE!!! This may be inclusive of “drinks” and stuffs.

✅ The I’M-BORED-LET’S-GO-TO-YOUR-HOUSE Sleep Overs. Probably, your friend, out of nowhere, invites you to have a sleep over at your house. P

Lat but the most enjoy of all.

✅ IMPROMPTU Sleep Overs. You’re probably eating at a fast food chain or walking down the road with your friends then you guys went to your house or your friend’s house then they don’t wanna go home… which results to a sleep over where you need to borrow stuffs from your friends. (CLOTHES, TOILETRIES, etc.)



❌ The third wheel (fifth, seventh, ninth wheel) Couples everywhere. Probably should pass this one cause I know that even though you’re friends with them they really don’t have to rub it to your face that you’d end up being alone.

❌ It’s a school day tomorrow scheduled sleep over. Impromptu sleep overs that falls on a school day can be a good or bad idea. If your bunch is filled with nerds, you should probably discourage them cause they’ll end up sleeping during class hours and you’d have that guilt feeling. If not… then don’t discourage anybody. Y.O.L.O

❌ You’re the only species of your kind there. If it’s all boys and they’re your friends (or other way around. all girls one boy)….. your safe. Still, awkward talks can happen which means JUST DON’T GO!

Whatever kind of sleep over you go to, just have fun. Don’t forget to bring the necessary stuffs to bring, load you pack with lots of food, and make sure somebody has net connection (hot spot or whatever).  And the golden rule of sleep overs: What happens in the SLEEP OVER… Stays in the SLEEP OVER.


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