Conquer Your Fear for Amusement


The Wheel of Fate

Since I was a child, my parents did not let me go to the extreme rides except for that catterpillar roller coaster (which they think is extreme already) in amusement parks. I don’t blame them also because I kind of had this fear of heights when I was small.

So when we had this “out of town sembreak outing” (which I can now cross out from my bucket list), I grabbed the oppurtunity to go to the extreme rides.


I wanted to post the picture of the rides I’ve been through but unfortunately my friend did not upload the pictures yet. (I’ll post some of the pics here as soon as she uploads) I’m going to narrate the feeling I felt when I rode the EKstreme Tower… πŸ™‚


You’ve been waiting at the line for about an hour now. You can feel the warm humidity of the air, hear the screams of people either of enjoyment or they’re really scared to death, and the vibrations of the earth which you’re standing at because of the roller coaster’s speed. You’re friends joke around about physic equations your teacher has been teaching you but you’re just there standing, sweating, cause apparently the movie Final Destination 3 is well imprinted in your mind. You get more nervous as your turn is coming to a close and you hear the roller coaster squeak loudly. ‘It’s a one time event,’ you tell yourself. ‘How hard can two minutes be?’ As your turn comes to a close, your friends and you are arguing where to seat. One of your closest friend and you decided that it would be more fun to be seated at the back. You hear the bell ring signaling for your turn already. You run to the back seat only to be beaten by that stick friend of your so you just go to the second-to-the-last-seats. You’re seated already and you placed the safety thing on. The attendant takes a picture of you and your friend. You fake a smile at the picture but seriously you’re getting freaked out cause that was what happened in Final Destination 3.

The ride lurches backward and know you’re thinking how a stupid person you are for giving in this ride. The roller coaster is still moving backward and you’re anticipating the fast fall of this coaster. When you kind of relax cause you thought that nothing will happen, the coaster falls down and you’re hands are tightly held to the handles and the roller coaster goes up and you’re airborne. You feel limitless then suddenly the coaster stops. You have time to catch your breath then now you’re screaming for your life. The coaster goes backwards and all you can say now are curses… then you go back from where you started. And now you’re thinking that all those work and force…. it still doesn’t have displacement because you have zero velocity. Now, you face palm yourself cause you sound like your physics teacher.


That’s all for now πŸ™‚ sorry cause it’s kind of long. Hehehehe πŸ™‚ Enjoy your sembreaks pandicorns


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