Being A Total Klutz


X-ray of my legs

You don’t need to have a degree in medicine to know that my X-ray results don’t have a problem. Well, being the total klutz that I am… I had to make sure I did not dislocate or fracture any bone in my system. I have lots of embarrasing klutz moments… here are my top 5.

Number 5
There was this heavy downpour, I was rushing to class cause I was running late for my English class. Then, I slipped in front of my English teacher.

Number 4
It just happened yesterday. I was going to change my position and I kind of twisted my knee in the course of doing so. It was kind of embarrassing cause 1 my crush was there. 2 I look so stupid rolling in the floor cause of the pain.

Number 3
My friends and I were racing who would reach the school first. THEN I SLIPPED… at Session Road then people were staring at me and I was laughing maniacally.

Number 2
I was rushing to give the tickets for a film showing and I slipped… butt first luckily. It was humilliating cause it happened in front of my batch mates and some juniors and sophomores.

Number 1
This one happened in Batangas. There was this typhoon and it was brown out in the whole city and it is super duper pitch black. I was going to get out of the car and I didn’t know there was a canal in front of me. You probably know what happened after this.

Those are just a few of my klutz moments. Hope you guys won’t be experiencing the same thing as I did.


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