The Wise Girl


Maybe, the wise decision would be able to move on from you.
Maybe, the wise decision would be to just get over it.
Maybe, the wise decision would be to stop all the wishful thinkings.
Maybe, the wise decision would be to learn from my mistakes.
Maybe, it would be a wise decision if I learn to let go of you…..

Thing is when I’m with you… there’s no wise decision only rational mistakes…..



Being A Total Klutz


X-ray of my legs

You don’t need to have a degree in medicine to know that my X-ray results don’t have a problem. Well, being the total klutz that I am… I had to make sure I did not dislocate or fracture any bone in my system. I have lots of embarrasing klutz moments… here are my top 5.

Number 5
There was this heavy downpour, I was rushing to class cause I was running late for my English class. Then, I slipped in front of my English teacher.

Number 4
It just happened yesterday. I was going to change my position and I kind of twisted my knee in the course of doing so. It was kind of embarrassing cause 1 my crush was there. 2 I look so stupid rolling in the floor cause of the pain.

Number 3
My friends and I were racing who would reach the school first. THEN I SLIPPED… at Session Road then people were staring at me and I was laughing maniacally.

Number 2
I was rushing to give the tickets for a film showing and I slipped… butt first luckily. It was humilliating cause it happened in front of my batch mates and some juniors and sophomores.

Number 1
This one happened in Batangas. There was this typhoon and it was brown out in the whole city and it is super duper pitch black. I was going to get out of the car and I didn’t know there was a canal in front of me. You probably know what happened after this.

Those are just a few of my klutz moments. Hope you guys won’t be experiencing the same thing as I did.

When It’s Too Late


You guys are probably familiar who my crush is…. of course you guys have read lots of stuffs about him here in my blog already… or not.

Well, I was planning to do the “Big Reveal” yesterday. The plan was we go to DQ after school with our friends then on the way going home… I would confess. But of course that was just a plan. I wasn’t able to execute it.

You probably think I got cold feet or something that’s why I didn’t tell him. Or maybe some emergency thing happened… no.

I wasn’t able to confess cause apparently he had his own “Big Reveal Moment”. Right, my crush told me who his crush is.

And no surprise… it’s not me of course.

It’s this girl who is part of my “My Secret List of People I Really Hate.” Yes, I do have a list in my head. I don’t know why I hate this people but I really do think it’s because they have this bad aura or something.

Here’s the harsh part: He knows I have feelings for him but he still bluntly told me who his crush was…. the nerve of that douchebag.

So when he said it, I was just there petrified… biting my spoon. Then my friends were stealing glances on my way. Luckily, my chocolate dipped strawberry blizzard saved the day.


How i wished something like this happened… but no wishes don’t come true.



found this cool website with gifs,and cartoons.

The Choices We Make



Remember that question in Val. Ed??? A question about ‘What are you gonna do if your friend does (insert any bad deed here)?’

a) are you going to tell on him/her

b) tell your friend just don’t do it again and just forget it about it.

c) just sleep on it. forget anything even happened


It’s easy to say A cause you’re just looking out for your friend and he/she needs to learn but the truth is…. telling on your friend is the H-A-R-D-E-S-T thing do in your life. It’s like having to choose sides between your two favorite bands, go to a trip with your friends or go to vacay with your family, and having to choose if you’ll read Allegiant or House of Hades first.

Hate to admit it, but my friends and family are my Kryptonite. I easily get to jive with people who talk with me and end up sharing a few stuffs about me ending up for us to be friends. I could probably blame the part that I am the only child and was deprived of the experience to have siblings. Sometimes, I also care too much of my friends and mindlessly…. I’m turning out to be their “Back-Up” Friend. (not right time to talk about that topic… maybe some other time)

So, I had this dilemma earlier this day. My friend did something stupid and I had the choice either to tell on my friend or not.

I ended up telling on him but instead of having the feeling “you know you did something right”, I get this feeling that “I just betrayed my friend” feeling.

Which sucks.

I hate my friend for putting me in that position.