The Christmas Spirit


So hey guys!!! It’s Christmas Eve and I really don’t feel it this time of the year. I’m not sure if it is because of the calamities but I really am not feeling Christmas-y this year. Still, I am holding on to my one and only Christmas Tradition…. MOVIE MARATHON!!!

Here are the movies I’ve watched today!!!


Meet Dave (Dylan O’Brien), a senior, who is in love with Jane (Victoria Justice). Suddenly, he met this junior girl, Aubrey, at a party. Soon enough they become close and help each other in their “FIST TIME”


So, yes, I’ve been watching Dylan O’Brien movies. He’s just too cute for his own good. A movie about two bros who are like in mid-life crisis and were laid-off. Now they find their selves interning for Google. Good movie cause they show how Google has their own version of QUIDDITCH!!!

21 Jump Street

It’s effing CHANNING TATUM!!! Okay, so I watched it again cause there’s gonna be 22 Jump Street by next year.


I’ve been dying to see this movie for like two months now. I’ve read the book and cried a little. This is going to be the last movie that Shailene Woodley would have without me thinking she has cancer or she’s going to have to jump off buildings and shooting people.

*TFIOS and Divergent Fans out there get this.


I am of course going to place a Christmas Movie sooner or later. Bloody Hell, you have no idea how tempted I was to write that on my Christmas card with the gift… But of course I don’t have the bloody guts to even do that. But i wrote it down but of course I threw it down the bin.

last but not the least….


SUPER THROWBACK MOVIE!!! You know that Mean Girls still do have an impact until now. For example you see those “cool” girls in your school wearing a “You Can’t Sit With Us” t-shirt. Then I think, “You guys are like the Mean Girls 2… Nobody gave a shinizit about it.”

I really do hope you guys are enjoying your Christmas more than I do.




Since Glee became crappy already, I needed to look for a new TV series I could fangirl on. While I was watching the second to the last episode of the season for Awkward, an idea popped into my head.

Why won’t I watch Teen Wolf?

And hell yeah, there’s something with this show that I love more than people. (I actually thought of skipping class the other day just to watch season 2 of Teen Wolf)

What makes Teen Wolf so special to me that I prefer watching it that socializing with people:

-Well, I’m drawn to mythical stuffs. It’s like my escape to reality. (That’s why I love the Bewitching and Beastly of Alex Flinn so much.)

-THE SCRIPT… not the band but the script written by the writers. It’s so cool from the story line to the dialogues of each character.

-D.Y.L.A.N. O’Brien aka Stiles
-The soundtrack!!! Of course, the show is in MTV… so it really has good music.
Must listen: Addicted by Morgan Page
-Bromance of Scott and Stiles. They are so adorable 😀

Those are just few of the reasons why I watch Teen Wolf, well, if you want to know what Teen Wolf is about… catch the season 3 on January 6.

Not so ‘BEAUTIFUL’ movie


So when I first saw Beautiful Creatures at the book stands I thought, “Here’s another boring mythical love story.”

Well, in book stands you can see Angel, Vampire, Werewolf, even Zombie (but I like Warm Bodies… A LOT) books and the thought of reading another book about them bores me that’s why I have resolved to boring unreal but most likely to happen in real life for their are no sparkly fairies and six-packed wolf books. (Such as Just One Day, The Boyfriend Thief, and This is What Happy Looks Like)

I watched the movie and heck I didn’t understand anything. Just the part that the guy had amnesia then shouted the girl’s name at the end. Since the movie made me interested in the world of Casters but I still effin hate the movie, I decided to finally give up with my pride and read the book.

It’s just like what they did to the Percy Jackson movies… changed the whole plot!!! I don’t even know why the producers bother placing based on the novel of (insert author here) if they won’t even follow the plot.

Things that differ from the movie and the book. Warning! May contain spoilers.

  1. Ethan doesn’t have midnight runs and specially not to his mom’s grave.
  2. Ethan got the locket at Greenbrier when he was talking to Lena.
  3. Lena did not erase the memories of Ethan.
  4. Macon and Amma did try to separate Ethan and Lena but they learned it’s best not to since Ethan was able to save Lena from being dark/dying during Halloween.
  5. Amma is not the Keeper of the Caster Library or even the Mortal Library. It’s Marian!!!  Well, she was cut-off from the movie.
  6. The whole death scene of Macon and birthday scene of Lena is so different.
  7. Have you seen a dog named Boo Ridley?
  8. Ethan died and Lena used the Book of Moons to bring him back.
  9. There’s this song that Ethan hears all the time ‘Sixteen Moons’ and it like predicts the future.
  10. Last but not the least, LINK SHOULD BE A LOT HOTTER!

Guys, the Beutiful Creatures series written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is a great book and you guys should probably give the Caster World a chance. 🙂

Movie Review: Iron Man 3


Finally, I was able to watch Iron Man 3 yesterday. My dad and I went early to the theaters to be able to watch and avoid the long line.

The story line evolved on Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) who can’t imagine life without Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Palthrow). Sweet, right? The he has anxiety issues ever since what happened in New York (when he was fighting the Alien with the Avengers and he went inside the black hole then he tried to call Pepper but she was too busy watching the news). The movie’s theme was how unconsciously we make demons.

Demons in a sense that when we unconsciously make a person an evil one because we did something that they could never forget. That’s how the movie story really revolves in. Like, how Mandarin became evil.

The movie showed that Tony Stark could be vulnerable. Still, I’m mad at Mandarin for shooting missiles at Tony’s house.

  • The fight scenes of course never failed me.
  • The movie twists– 1 so unpredictable the other I saw it coming.
  • Humor-  I laughed more at  Avengers but the Dora the Explorer watch made me laugh so hard.
  • Romance- Tony gave Pepper a big bunny

Okay, I’m being too much of a spoiler but I promise you won’t regret watching it. 🙂


Movie: The Ultimate Gift


So my guy friend (John) recommended this movie. He told me about this movie before but I only decided to watch it yesterday night. I thank John for recommending this movie so now I forgive all the pinching to my fats.  I am not a fan of drama movies. I only watch it if I’m in the mood.  (Action, fiction, and comedy = I like) I think I got this trait from my father.

I could say is that you haven’t live your life if you haven’t watched this movie. Even though this movie was released last 2006, it still tackles even the problems of today. Example, people are only there for your money. (USERS!) If they know you don’t have money + you’re not that good looking + you don’t have a quirky personality = YOU ARE NOTHING (As if the lead actor had problems with the good looking and the quirky personality, he won’t be an actor if he didn’t have those.)

So the story started when his ULTRA RICH grandfather died and the lawyer tells the family what they got. Then in the last will he leaves his grand son, Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller), a series of gifts like the gift of work, gift of family, and etc. This 12 gifts leads to the ultimate gift which is…. (Just watch it!)


Guys that I am currently goshing


Here’s a list of guys who I think are hot. no order to avoid fights and stuffs.

Logan Lerman


First time I saw him in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, I’ve been his fan. ♥

Ian Somerhalder

Even though his 34 years old, who cares?! He is immortal as he is Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries.

Ryan Gosling

He was the one who made me cry in The Notebook. He was also part of the Mickey Mouse Club when he was younger.

Alex Pettyfer

Ever since I saw him in Wild Child with Emma Roberts + we have the same nickname = HEAVEN

Callan McAuliffe

He was the cute nerd who was kind of the sidekick of Alex Pettyfer in I am Number 4. Then, my friend recommended his movie Flipped. I knew I was going to marry him after that

Steven McQueen

I really didn’t notice him that much in Vampire Diaries. I mean he was just the brother of Elena to me. (I had my eyes on Klaus before) Then he removed his shirt when he became a Hunter… OH MY GOD!!!

Cody Christian

He plays the cute brother of Aria in Pretty Little Liars.

Alexander Ludwig

People who’s name has Alex are just bound to be great. Hehehe. He played Cato in Hunger Games. (The dude who just can’t die that easily.)

Josh Hutcherson

I’ve denied that he was cute before but ever since I watched Red Dawn and the movie posters for Catching Fire, I’ve changed my mind.

Chris Evans

He played two superheroes: Torch (Fantastic 4) and Captain America. Hot Hot Hot

Jack and Finn Harries

I just saw them in Tumblr. Plus, they are British.

Jake Abel

He plays Luke Castellan in Percy Jackson series + Ian in the Host

Adam Levine

He’s just hot. He can sing + has a great body + great humor = PERFECT!!!

Adam Sevani

He can dance and he makes me laugh.

Taylor Lautner

I think he saved the movie New Moon because of his abs and I can’t stop screaming/giggling whenever he appears in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. 

Tom Felton

He played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movie franchise. Enough said.

Freddie Stroma

Another cute guy from Harry Potter! He played Cormac McLaggen the dude who has a crush on Hermoine. He also played Luke in Pitch Perfect. (The dude who raised his shirt and has amazing abs)

Shia LaBeouf

Dude, he effing save the world from robot aliens. Can you imagine it? His driving his Camaro along South Beach with you.

So this are the guys I currently fangirl… 🙂

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Ψ


Finally! After three years of waiting in Vain at the underworld with in the arms of my beloved Nico De Angelo since the (flopped) Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie, here is the second installment of the movie Franchise.

We know that the actors are not like the Di Immortals who lives forever that’s why i think they are rushing to finish this. They still got three more installments to go and the actors are like turning on their 30s while they portray characters who are in their puberty years. But whatever, at least I got something to look forward to after the Harry Potter and Twilight movies are over.

Actually, so far, the producers are finally on their track of making the movie like the book. For example, Annabeth Chase is finally blond. But I’m saddened the Pierce Brosnan wasn’t able to play Chiron again.

Of course, it is impossible to make a movie the exact carbon copy of the book so guys expect BIG comparisons. But, still looking forward to watch it. (logan lerman hypnotizes me)

So campers, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hits your theaters on August. 🙂