Conquer Your Fear for Amusement


The Wheel of Fate

Since I was a child, my parents did not let me go to the extreme rides except for that catterpillar roller coaster (which they think is extreme already) in amusement parks. I don’t blame them also because I kind of had this fear of heights when I was small.

So when we had this “out of town sembreak outing” (which I can now cross out from my bucket list), I grabbed the oppurtunity to go to the extreme rides.


I wanted to post the picture of the rides I’ve been through but unfortunately my friend did not upload the pictures yet. (I’ll post some of the pics here as soon as she uploads) I’m going to narrate the feeling I felt when I rode the EKstreme Tower… 🙂


You’ve been waiting at the line for about an hour now. You can feel the warm humidity of the air, hear the screams of people either of enjoyment or they’re really scared to death, and the vibrations of the earth which you’re standing at because of the roller coaster’s speed. You’re friends joke around about physic equations your teacher has been teaching you but you’re just there standing, sweating, cause apparently the movie Final Destination 3 is well imprinted in your mind. You get more nervous as your turn is coming to a close and you hear the roller coaster squeak loudly. ‘It’s a one time event,’ you tell yourself. ‘How hard can two minutes be?’ As your turn comes to a close, your friends and you are arguing where to seat. One of your closest friend and you decided that it would be more fun to be seated at the back. You hear the bell ring signaling for your turn already. You run to the back seat only to be beaten by that stick friend of your so you just go to the second-to-the-last-seats. You’re seated already and you placed the safety thing on. The attendant takes a picture of you and your friend. You fake a smile at the picture but seriously you’re getting freaked out cause that was what happened in Final Destination 3.

The ride lurches backward and know you’re thinking how a stupid person you are for giving in this ride. The roller coaster is still moving backward and you’re anticipating the fast fall of this coaster. When you kind of relax cause you thought that nothing will happen, the coaster falls down and you’re hands are tightly held to the handles and the roller coaster goes up and you’re airborne. You feel limitless then suddenly the coaster stops. You have time to catch your breath then now you’re screaming for your life. The coaster goes backwards and all you can say now are curses… then you go back from where you started. And now you’re thinking that all those work and force…. it still doesn’t have displacement because you have zero velocity. Now, you face palm yourself cause you sound like your physics teacher.


That’s all for now 🙂 sorry cause it’s kind of long. Hehehehe 🙂 Enjoy your sembreaks pandicorns



It’s like the first week of October and I could say lots of remarkable things happened to me. May it be good or bad… I really think this week would be the most unforgettable.

This is like the week I’ve been preparing for all these months. The week I even have to go to sleep overs. Yeah \m/  It’s the science and math fair week ft. Dost and Intel DepEd Fair.

October 1:

Rushed my application form for this certain school. (Nobody should ever rush an application form specially the ones for college.) it’s the awarding ceremony of the S&T Fair. Our school only got one award and that’s second place in the invention contest.

October 2:

This is the Robotics competition for the science fair. I got to join the MoBot (Motor-operated Robot) Competition. At first, I was nervous because my friend’s robot fluctuated. It was a 1 vs. 1 battle… in which the winner would compete with the other contestants. (Pretty much like Beyblade and Pokemon battles) Luckily, my robot didn’t have so much problems… just that one of the batteries was actually low bat.

That’s my MOBOT 🙂

My friend is the one who won the competition… well I let him win! hahaha just kidding. I think my friend deserves it after all the hardships he sacrificed.

After the S & T fair, we would go to Ifugao. I don’t wanna sound unreasonable here or something but I really hate people who are like 1 hour late. Especially if you could have done something more productive like eaten a heavy meal or done your problem set in physics. But no, some people think that they got all time in the world. >:|

So the bus ride was kinda fun yet noisy. Fun in a way that you and your bus mate/seat mate were able to stock on lots of delicious food. (E.g. turon, brownies…) Then some people were complaining that Breaking Dawn Part 2 sucks while you and your friend are watching some action movie. 😀 The back part of the bus was the loudest one. Cracking corny jokes and pretty much good come backs would really make you tiresome and your friends would even take a picture of you sleeping… AGAIN.

October 3

Luckily, we were able to find an inn to crash into. We were pretty much crowded but we ain’t complaining cause at least there’s a bed and bath. (When you get up at 4 and you got body pains for sleeping at the bus, you really can’t complain.)

This day was pretty much busy because we had defense. After waiting for 1000 hours (exag, we waited for 8 hours), we finally got to do the defense. In about  2 minutes we were able to discuss what we needed to discuss then the final comments of I.P. panel came. I really don’t want to talk about it or even elaborate things that happened in the defense but it pretty much was embarrassing.

My group mates and I walked down the road feeling hopeless and all. Luckily, I was able to get some net connection and pretty much my friend who lost in a quiz bee (a.k.a. my crush) and I were being so dramatic because we disappointed people and shiznit. #Landi

After the tiring defense, we go water fighting. (This sucks, my rents did not allow me to bring the camera with me.) I drowned ally my sadness in that water fight. Did I mention that our water fight was held in the middle of the road. Then we go scream if we see headlights approaching in the night. Hahaha 😀

October 4

The results came and our school bagged the trophies in Physical Science’s Investigatory projects. Can I get a “YEAH Baby!!!”?

Korean pose!!! We cool like that 😀

It’s like first time in our school’s history that we were able to get the top 5 place in PS IPs!!! And that’s the standard our batch would leave to this school. So BOOYAH to those Suckers who said our batch was trash. Don’t you guys dare ride on with our achievements!!!! 😛

Even though my group didn’t win, I’m still happy cause my hard work paid off. The head aching IPs you have to edit because of your stubborn batchmates was finally rewarding.

After the stress and all, we stopped over at Banaue Rice Terraces.

#34 Purpose of Iphones… to take PANORAMIC SHOTS 🙂

October 5

Went to the mall and got a new pair of glasses which would arrive by Thursday. Twas suppose to get Transition lenses  but it would arrive after 10 days + I have to add 3.4 k which is not that worth it.

I also got a new haircut.

Bob cut

October 6

Took the last College Entrance exam of my life



It’s senior year baby, and you don’t get to repeat your experiences again in life. I’m gonna share to you the sleep overs that are worth going to… and the sleep overs you can say “PASS FOR NOW, BRO”


✅ You’ve got to do something related to your grades. Even your ‘rents would let you go. These sleep overs tend to go somewhere not related to acads anymore… You’ll probably end up watching movies or have a water gun war.

✅ It’s your friend’s birthday!!! GO CELEBRATE!!! This may be inclusive of “drinks” and stuffs.

✅ The I’M-BORED-LET’S-GO-TO-YOUR-HOUSE Sleep Overs. Probably, your friend, out of nowhere, invites you to have a sleep over at your house. P

Lat but the most enjoy of all.

✅ IMPROMPTU Sleep Overs. You’re probably eating at a fast food chain or walking down the road with your friends then you guys went to your house or your friend’s house then they don’t wanna go home… which results to a sleep over where you need to borrow stuffs from your friends. (CLOTHES, TOILETRIES, etc.)



❌ The third wheel (fifth, seventh, ninth wheel) Couples everywhere. Probably should pass this one cause I know that even though you’re friends with them they really don’t have to rub it to your face that you’d end up being alone.

❌ It’s a school day tomorrow scheduled sleep over. Impromptu sleep overs that falls on a school day can be a good or bad idea. If your bunch is filled with nerds, you should probably discourage them cause they’ll end up sleeping during class hours and you’d have that guilt feeling. If not… then don’t discourage anybody. Y.O.L.O

❌ You’re the only species of your kind there. If it’s all boys and they’re your friends (or other way around. all girls one boy)….. your safe. Still, awkward talks can happen which means JUST DON’T GO!

Whatever kind of sleep over you go to, just have fun. Don’t forget to bring the necessary stuffs to bring, load you pack with lots of food, and make sure somebody has net connection (hot spot or whatever).  And the golden rule of sleep overs: What happens in the SLEEP OVER… Stays in the SLEEP OVER.

I Know You Want To… But Don’t


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything in here. I don’t even know if somebody is even reading my blog anymore… but who cares. This is going to be a post of things you want to do with your crush but I advise you not to.

❥Meet with him and your friends before your College Entrance exams  

            👎 Well, I think you’ll need it for inspiration but maybe it would be a distraction… so DON’T

❥Be seatmates with him.

            👎 If you have a chance to choose your own seating arrangement go with your friends. If your crush is your seatmate PLUS an average size of classroom = unexpectedly “TOO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER” moments resulting for you to be unable  to breathe. If it’s possible move your seat by an inch. (Pretend your claustrophobic even if you’re not.)

❥Avoid cabbie rides/ car rides

            👎 The very enclosed + tight space, one way or another, would really make you blush. Worst case scenario is : Your friends make you seat together, which results to you having to make sure he doesn’t hear your heart pounding.


             👎 Been there, done that, tried it. I SO DON’T WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. IDK why but he’ cranky in the morning… (Even though he has one hour of sleep… IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE.) But, IDK, if you want to see his sleeping face… then I ain’t stopping you.

❥SLEEP OVER then there’s school the next day

            👎 You’re seatmates and both of you’re sleeping during class hours… Chances are your friends would get your tablet/phone take a picture of both of you sleeping and sneakily make it your wallpaper.

This is actually a cropped and edited version of what my friends took.

This is actually a cropped and edited version of what my friends took.


             👎 He likes Chloe Grace Moretz and you’re all in for Logan Lerman. Fighting who’s a better fangirl/fanboy won’t do you good. Unless, he asks you to watch the upcoming movie of his celeb crush with you and your other friends… GO!


            👎 Why is this a downer? Cause you’ll think this…

                                 “Your friends with him…. but that’s all you’ll ever be…. FRIENDS.”

            👎 If the status of your friendship is : ONE SIDED LOVE. Then ONE_SIDED LOVE IT WILL EVER BE. (divine intervention or whatever intervention, maybe he secretly likes you also but this unfortunately does not happen all the time) You really can’t expect anything in return with the care, trust, and affection you give him.


            👎 SIGN IT ANONYMOUSLY… He’s going to die of curiosity looking for evidence which may lead to who wrote to that letter.

Rough September


We’re down to 14 days of September but ,seriously, it’s like those 14 days were like a year without rain. Okay, that’s a corny joke. So I’ve been through a lot in the past 14 days and I’m going to highlight the events of these 14 days.

  • I went to sleep over once again without asking permission from my ‘rents. (Medyo bad girl)
  • So something happened in that sleepover that I really can’t really say. Just think this is one of Ali’s (PLL) sleep over where lots of things happened and let’s call this thing that happened in the sleep over “The Jenna Thing”
  • We actually have Saturday classes at school and so to save myself from being caught by my ‘rents, I still went to school early without the people I went to in the sleep over.
  • “The Jenna Thing” spreads before I could even eat lunch. Since all those guys I went with to the sleep over decided to stay at home to sleep, I was left to face “The Jenna Thing” by myself.
  • I really am thankful for my “new found” friends for sticking up with me even if I didn’t tell them the whole story.
  • Did I mention that I wrote a letter for my crush. Our English teacher told us to write a letter to two people whether they’re from the school or outside of school. My friends and I would sound like elementary kids here but we dared each other to write letters for our crush or somebody who has a crush on them. [My letter was actually a jigsaw puzzle type. The deadline of the letter was last last Friday and I even got an incident report for allegedly cutting classes just to finish that letter.]
  • A new week came and I’ve been avoiding a floor the entire week because all those who hate me because of “The Jenna Thing” are in that floor.
  • So our English letter/mail man distributed the letters in class, my heart started to race fast and I felt like I was going to palpitate or something. Then when my crush got the letter he opened the envelop and of course he was surprised because apparently the letter was cut into pieces. Since, I forgot to place the instructions…. he just looked at the pieces. (yeah, he actually is smart but can’t figure out that my letter is a puzzle)  Luckily, his friend who’s also my friend [who was with me in my “allegedly cutting classes case”], told him that “Maybe it’s a puzzle. You know who is it from?” My crush says, “Maybe when I fix the puzzle…. I won’t sleep later until I fix that puzzle.”
  • My other classmate wrote my crush a letter also. The creepy thing is, he placed a picture of my crush sleeping in his letter. I saw the picture and I know that since I’m the photographer of the picture and the one who uploaded that picture in FB is that, that picture is placed under the 1000 + pictures I have. Meaning, my class mate is a stalker of my crush. The creepiness did not stop there. He actually placed “Hey!!!! Crush?!?” in his letter. Then he placed a correction tape on the “Crush?!?” but my friend removed the correction tape in the end and showed to my crush that there’s actually “Hey!!! Crush?!?”
  • This is actually a problem because I think my crush knows that he’s my crush and I think he’ll say that I’m obsessed with him to actually place like that. My letter actually contains a friendly note and from one of his favorite anime…. Ish!!! I’m not obsessed with him or love him to the moon and back….. He’s just my crush.
  • I am actually starting to realize who my friends really are. just the realization you know….


Still, even if I’ve been though a lot of shit this high school and my high school isn’t turning into one of those musical movie in Disney which I thought how High School would be for me…. I don’t want it to end.

Starting September with a ROAR!!!


It’s a new month and we’re going to start the countdown before my high school life ends. Okay, that’s like 6 months to go… but there’s only 3 months left before Christmas and–and unfortunately I haven’t saved money yet because spend here… outing there, I. P. everywhere…

Speaking of I.P., my group got into the Intel Competition which means we get to have 5 day vacation. Okay, just kidding, we got 5 days leave from school because of the competition. Hell yeah!!! Thinking about it… I AM NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO WATCH THE FIRST EP OF GLEE…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This September enters with a great weather, I really hope that there would be lesser typhoons this week. I just can’t take or imagine having to enter a Saturday Class. I’ll go crazy!!! Like, I stay with those annoying people for 5 weeks, 8 hour a day. The only advantage of having Saturday Class is that you get additional allowance. But really, I just want to make love to my bed every Saturdays. 😉

Still, this September made me question if their really is any happy ending for people. I mean look at the States… divorce here, divorce there, divorce everywhere. It’s like nobody gets to be really happy in the end. We all start this great relationship but in the end we end up sulking in the corner thinking why on earth did you ever love that person. Actually, it’s my friend and her boyfriend that made me question this. They were like OTP, MTB, match-made in heaven…. in the end they had this mutual break-up. [I’m giving it a week… they’ll be together again.]

I’m pigging out with all this pile of homework given by the teachers everyday. How on earth can I survive 6 days…. 6 DAYS?!

I really hope September ends up as a memorable month. 🙂