Cheers to us


I congratulate all of us for surviving this year. Still, even if it’s hard for me…I should let go of 2013 and keep the memories locked up. So I am thankful for lots of things that happened this year cause honestly this was the year that I’ve experienced a lot of stuffs from good to bad.



Sweater Weather


I don’t mind if there’s not much to say
Sometimes the silence guides our minds
-The Neighborhood

So, it’s my most favorite time of the year cause I get to wear those comfy sweaters, earmuffs, gloves, and winter boots. Also, it is Christmas Season. We’re down to ten more days before Christmas Day comes and here’s a list of things you need to during SWEATER WEATHER.


Even if this happens like all year round, I think Parties during the Christmas season is more significant and meaningful than those of the wild parties during the summer. (You don’t get a gift on summer parties.)

☆Put up your Christmas Tree

I don’t know with my dad but he hasn’t put up our teee yet. The trees above were made by my “masipag” classmates.  Trees are important cause that’s where you place the gifts.

☆Make your own snow

Well, we’re not experiencing snow in this country which I could be grateful for at times. Still, it’s fun to have snow ball fight with your friends using this “snow-in-a-can” invention.

☆See the lights

I love the cold wind that blows on your face while you’re drinking hot chocolate and enjoy the great night view of the city.

☆Capture the memories

Even if we have the Christmas season annually,  still the memories are only once in a lifetime moment. So we’ve got to keep the memories with pictures 🙂

☆Tell the truth

Idk why but even if my crush knows I like him or should I say “LIKED” HIM, I still don’t wanna tell him he’s my crush. The picture on the right shows what happened in our first game in our Christmas party.
What really happened…
*He walks towards me and prom night memories come back and I thought he’d go to my friend and not to me.*
Him: Honey, I love you
Me: Honey, I love you too but I can’t smile.
*And I didn’t smile… I realized how easy you can say those 3 words and don’t mean it all.*
The picture on the right shows me giving a gift to him.

★☆★Hope you enjoy your holidays!!!★☆★

{P.S. you guys have to watch FROZEN and also listen to Beyoncé’s new album!!!

What I Want for Christmas


If you’re feeling so kind to send me a gift or maybe you’re secretly in love with me but you don’t have any idea what to give me (just kidding)… I’m going to solve your problem 🙂


>Mix tapes 2.0 version<

(the usb type. cause nobody uses the cassette anymore but I do have a cassette player) It’s like the 80’s and 90’s vibe when people place songs in a cassette to show you how they feel.

>Spoof T-shirts<

Well, they entertain me so much.


this site  and this site 


My size is 7 1/2. :]

A UGG or Bearpaw could be possible :]

>Samsung Galaxy tab 3 ….7″ case<

>Canon 60D strap < 


well, that’s all. Hope you add me into your Christmas shopping list :]

A December to Remember



So this is the last month of the year and I hope that it’s going to be the best month since it’s the last. I have lots of plans this December like I wanna make a snow angel but of course there is no snow here in the Philippines so that’s out of my list already. Still, I want to have a blast this December. I mean our country has been through a lot in a year, we all deserve a reward for surviving… I think.

Put out those christmas trees from your attic, decorate it with whatever you like. Don’t forget to share the Christmas SPIRIT to others who are feeling SCROOGE this year.

P.S. anybody can be a SANTA CLAUS just remember to be merry and jolly 🙂

Fruits of Your Labor


First grading grades were released and ERHMYGERD finally, I get to be exemplary. Not boasting here or anything, but I just want to show that if you work hard then you would get the results that you really want. It’s okay to leave Candy Crush then review for your quiz in a certain subject. You can always ask lives from your friends but in a quiz, you never get a second chance. [Unless… your whole class fails… which is unlikely to happen because there would always be the smart one wanting to show off]

Now, I’ve been screaming at the hallways because I can’t contain my happiness. For now, I’m the second in class but that’s about to change by tomorrow cause the boys believe that something is wrong with their Values Ed. grade. (Apparently, most of the boys got a failing grade) If the grade of those bastards changes, then I won’t be the 2nd anymore.



What happened to me?


Here’s like the highlights of the things that happened during the times I did not update this blog.


  • grrrr… cause did I tell you that my crush and I are actually classmates this school year. (even though the sectioning were reshuffled we’re still classmates) Before my birthday, a friend of mine told me that we would have a “deal with the universe”. Here’s the deal if my crush and I are classmates for the incoming school year then my crush and I are soul mates. If my crush and I are not classmates then my friend doesn’t have any choice but to tell me who is her crush.  Obviously, it’s still up to the universe if it wants my destiny to end up like that.
  • My guy friend and my other friends who are girls can’t stop teasing me. Like simple things… especially my guy friend, John, he makes a huge deal about me and my crush having the same score and stuffs. That’s why I’m looking for potential girlfriends for him so he would stop bugging me. Yeah… he’s too picky.
  • EHRMAYGERD!!! S.O.S. So because of these teasings… I had this guy classmate of mine who heard this teasing and ehrmygerd!!! he actually said this aloud,“ALEX CRUSH MO SI ______” Thing is the whole class decided to keep quiet that time and everybody heard it. Except my crush who was absent cause he was sick. Okay stalker mode. I’ll SHATAP now.
  • my cush texted me and my reaction was kind of like that

2. I watched Despicable Me 2 3D by myself. Actually, I was supposed to go with my friends but there had been conflict with our schedules so I wasn’t able to go. To make up for leaving me, they actually treated me Starbucks and since I’m a good friend… I ordered one of the most expensive drinks at the house.  🙂

3. Our school is unique and hipster and we’ve got this Angel (the 4th years) and Soul (grade 7) relationship. the 4th years are liked tasked to take care of the freshies. I have a soul and we haven’t formally met yet but I actually stalked her. She’s the sister of my history teacher. o.o

4. When we reach senior year, we also have I.P. (Investigatory Projects) So my group went back to zero because of lots of rejections or projects that were beyond our capabilities. Anyway, there’s always a rainbow after the rain… we already have a good I.P. title and we might even compete and hope we get to regionals. (My teacher promised me that he would treat us eat-all-you-can if we get first prize in the regionals. )

Japanese buffet sounds good

5. My friend brought her “Monsters University” mat [ Note: i haven’t watched MU yet 😦 ] to school and my friends and I were all like sleeping during breaks. Gawd, trust me if you have a boring algeb teacher… you’ll really want to sleep.

6. Speaking of algeb teacher… I swear my algeb teacher doesn’t like me. Well, the feeling is mutual.

Let’s talk about the Future



So, when we were younger and stuffs… “FUTURE” seemed to be something that we’re really excited about. The plans we have made to become a soldier and save the world or become a scientist and help cure cancer. [Or just live in PANDICORN (PANDa + uniCORN) world]

Now that I’m in my last year high school, just thinking about the “FUTURE” seems like a nightmare to me. I mean I had this “talk”thing with my parents about which college I would go to or what course I would take and I just wanted to scream.

ImageThing is I want to do a lot of things in my life. I want to go to London and be a fashion photographer there or work at in New York. Maybe, be a chef at Paris or Japan or help protect the country and be part of the Air force. Thing is there is this particular school and particular course I WOULD REALLY REALLY WANT TO APPLY BUT I CAN’T.

It’s like at the southern part of the country then the school is very expensive. But right now, that is the only thing I’m sure of but I won’t even apply cause I just don’t know why. (Sounds pretty cliche or something but it really is how I feel) So far, I applied at two colleges with courses that I am not sure if I even like. 

Here’s my MASTER PLAN:

1. GO to whatever college my parents or whatever is possible.

2. Graduate and get a job which would suit and finance my lifestyle well.


4. Live at London. Be a photographer/writer.

5. Attend the High School Reunion (cause even though I hate a lot of them, I’ll admit it. I’ll miss those jerks.)


Sounds a pretty good plan? NOT.

What if everything fails? I have no effing idea how to deal with my life.

I can’t even answer this essay question, “Are there any significant experiences you have had, or accomplishments you have realized, that have helped define you as a person?”

*DON’T tell me when I was born to this earth. That is too mainstream… I need a quirky answer plus I really don’t know who I am still as a person.