Sweater Weather


I don’t mind if there’s not much to say
Sometimes the silence guides our minds
-The Neighborhood

So, it’s my most favorite time of the year cause I get to wear those comfy sweaters, earmuffs, gloves, and winter boots. Also, it is Christmas Season. We’re down to ten more days before Christmas Day comes and here’s a list of things you need to during SWEATER WEATHER.


Even if this happens like all year round, I think Parties during the Christmas season is more significant and meaningful than those of the wild parties during the summer. (You don’t get a gift on summer parties.)

☆Put up your Christmas Tree

I don’t know with my dad but he hasn’t put up our teee yet. The trees above were made by my “masipag” classmates.  Trees are important cause that’s where you place the gifts.

☆Make your own snow

Well, we’re not experiencing snow in this country which I could be grateful for at times. Still, it’s fun to have snow ball fight with your friends using this “snow-in-a-can” invention.

☆See the lights

I love the cold wind that blows on your face while you’re drinking hot chocolate and enjoy the great night view of the city.

☆Capture the memories

Even if we have the Christmas season annually,  still the memories are only once in a lifetime moment. So we’ve got to keep the memories with pictures 🙂

☆Tell the truth

Idk why but even if my crush knows I like him or should I say “LIKED” HIM, I still don’t wanna tell him he’s my crush. The picture on the right shows what happened in our first game in our Christmas party.
What really happened…
*He walks towards me and prom night memories come back and I thought he’d go to my friend and not to me.*
Him: Honey, I love you
Me: Honey, I love you too but I can’t smile.
*And I didn’t smile… I realized how easy you can say those 3 words and don’t mean it all.*
The picture on the right shows me giving a gift to him.

★☆★Hope you enjoy your holidays!!!★☆★

{P.S. you guys have to watch FROZEN and also listen to Beyoncé’s new album!!!


What I Want for Christmas


If you’re feeling so kind to send me a gift or maybe you’re secretly in love with me but you don’t have any idea what to give me (just kidding)… I’m going to solve your problem 🙂


>Mix tapes 2.0 version<

(the usb type. cause nobody uses the cassette anymore but I do have a cassette player) It’s like the 80’s and 90’s vibe when people place songs in a cassette to show you how they feel.

>Spoof T-shirts<

Well, they entertain me so much.


this site  and this site 


My size is 7 1/2. :]

A UGG or Bearpaw could be possible :]

>Samsung Galaxy tab 3 ….7″ case<

>Canon 60D strap < 


well, that’s all. Hope you add me into your Christmas shopping list :]

A December to Remember



So this is the last month of the year and I hope that it’s going to be the best month since it’s the last. I have lots of plans this December like I wanna make a snow angel but of course there is no snow here in the Philippines so that’s out of my list already. Still, I want to have a blast this December. I mean our country has been through a lot in a year, we all deserve a reward for surviving… I think.

Put out those christmas trees from your attic, decorate it with whatever you like. Don’t forget to share the Christmas SPIRIT to others who are feeling SCROOGE this year.

P.S. anybody can be a SANTA CLAUS just remember to be merry and jolly 🙂