27 hours awake


Here’s the thing, my friends and I are gunning to join the DOST Regional Science invention contest. So this is were our Investigatory Project comes in.  This story happened last Wednesday. Actually it was supposed to happen last Tuesday but  we canceled it because the rain stopped us.

Ahh, it’s  holiday. Thankfully I could rest. NO!!!!

My friend called  and said that we should come over at his house and edit our IP cause if we really want to win then we should really finalize our IP. So even though the rain was pouring hard and the wind was giving my hair a bad hair day look, my group mate and I went. My original plan was actually to watch “Conjuring” at my friend’s house. [And be a pig because my friend’s mom make good food] But I know I still have a  lot of chances to do that but you only get one chance to actually win a Science fair.

So it was getting late already and not only were we doing our own Investigatory Projects but we were also editing my batch mates’ IPs. I should probably have went home when the clock strikes at 9 but I didn’t. One reason would be: Earlier that day my friends and I had this short coffee break and watched a short documentary film about the doll in Conjuring.

Probably thinking “didn’t my rents get mad or something?”

My answer would be “How would they get mad if they don’t even know cause they are like 500 km away?” 😉

It was already 11:00 and we were already hoping that classes are suspended the next day so that we can finish not only our IP but also our batch mates. (We did their IPs cause we don’t want to dishonor the school and my batchmates kept on excusing themselves at classes and it would be shameful if they had suckish papers)

My friends and I started to make inside jokes…. it’s like Ma-Janine Togonon. But instead of celebs, we used our batch mates’ names. That was like our only happiness cause our brains are all squeezed out already. We were like laughing like retards then we decided to go to this nearby cafe. Two of my friends were left at the house to ensure that nobody goes stealing our stuffs. (*ahem* PDA *ahem*) So my teacher who was with us and my other friend together with me, didn’t care that the rain was pouring hard. Our caffeine need has to be fueled so badly.

It really is true that when it is like 12 midnight, that’s where the convo starts to be serious and all secrets start to be shared. XD Since nòbody else was at the café, we shared secrets which can’t be shared.

By 1 PM, we went back to work and it was already 4 Am and all of the sudden it stopped raining. My friends already plan on just being absent and I’m like my parents don’t know that I’m here and being absent would be a giveaway that I sleptover at a friend’s house which is NOT ALLOWED!!!

Luckily by 5 AM, our principal announced that classes are SUSPENDED which really lit all of us. I went home around 7 AM to take a bath then by 8 I went back to my friend’s house to finish what we started. On my way back to our friend’s house, I freakin’ fell asleep at the taxi. -.-

2 PM: i went to town to buy Chao Fan cause I was really craving for it.


I vow to myself to NEVER do that again…. EVER!


(Below is a pic of me at 5AM in the morning….EYEBAGSSSSSSS)



End of July


Here’s the highlights this month:

1. A successful outreach program! With the help of my batch mates, teacher in Research , and my friends (Shout out to John who helped me from the solicitation letter to the program and stuffs)  … I was able to pull off a successful feeding program for the kids.

feeding program

feeding program

After the feeding program, we went straight to my friend’s house cause it’s her birthday celebration. Tons of food greeted us but with out of respect to our other friends who still went on a detour before going to my friend’s house… we waited. Lucky for me, I stopped by John’s house and ate porridge prepared by his mom which we also served in the feeding program. (It was the best porridge I ever tasted!!!)

Food in my friend's house

Food in my friend’s house

2. We actually do have progress in our investigatory Project. It’s how to multiply the number of a certain species which is nearly endangered. Yeah,,,, it has something to do with reproduction and stuffs. Let’s make it complicated and say that, my group mates and I are conducting a study about Ova-RH and the pituitary gland extracted from catfish which wold be spawned into the Japanese eel.  (I feel smart after saying that)

picture below by the right is the fish that we would help multiply

picture below by the right is the fish that we would help multiply

So, originally we were just three in a group but there’s this girl that was added by our teacher in our group. I really don’t like her cause she’s socially awkward and I’d rather have introverts…  Plus, she wasn’t there when we got rejected by people in helping us find our Investigatory Project. She wasn’t there when we took very long walks in hopes of finding a good project.

The plus side is even though she’s like just using our group so she could compete ( cause our I.P. is science fair competition material), well we still got permission from the school that we could be excused when we conduct our experiment. (The lab is used by a lot of groups and there’s no enough materials)

3. I really really have this feeling that my crush knows that he’s my crush. He just doesn’t want things to be awkward that’ why he’s trying to stay cool about it. But I really can’t stay cool cause…. not only do I think my crush knows that he is my crush, I think the whole class knows and they won’t shut up about it.

4. CETs (College Entrance Tests) reviews here and there. So since my dream school’s CET would be right after my first grading exams… I decided to set my priorities and concentrate on reviewing my dream school’s CET.

5. I’m so enjoying my senior year. Even though it’s been a hell of a month… I enjoy it cause I have friends who make me laugh, embarrassing moments in which I would look back to, and achievements in which I could be proud of. 😀 (Yeah, I made my friend cried in her surprise celebration.)

Details on the surprise b-day celeb: So my friend’s b-day is on the 21st of July which is unfortunately a Sunday. We had a plans on giving her a surprise party the next day but we didn’t have enough money so we decided to push it to Wednesday. Then when it was Monday, my 3rd year classmates and I have a celebration for our adviser then a little tweety bird told me that my friend expected that her surprise would be joined with the celeb of our teacher and she got teary-eyed… something like that. We decided to move it on a Friday to give us more time to prepare and make my friend feel we really forgot about her. Hahaha XD I walked around the city looking for a Fighting Fish… my feet killed me after that.

this friends of mine who could  tease me to death but I still care about

these friends of mine who could
tease me to death but I still care about

Hope August could be a blast too…

Let’s talk about the Future



So, when we were younger and stuffs… “FUTURE” seemed to be something that we’re really excited about. The plans we have made to become a soldier and save the world or become a scientist and help cure cancer. [Or just live in PANDICORN (PANDa + uniCORN) world]

Now that I’m in my last year high school, just thinking about the “FUTURE” seems like a nightmare to me. I mean I had this “talk”thing with my parents about which college I would go to or what course I would take and I just wanted to scream.

ImageThing is I want to do a lot of things in my life. I want to go to London and be a fashion photographer there or work at Vogue.com in New York. Maybe, be a chef at Paris or Japan or help protect the country and be part of the Air force. Thing is there is this particular school and particular course I WOULD REALLY REALLY WANT TO APPLY BUT I CAN’T.

It’s like at the southern part of the country then the school is very expensive. But right now, that is the only thing I’m sure of but I won’t even apply cause I just don’t know why. (Sounds pretty cliche or something but it really is how I feel) So far, I applied at two colleges with courses that I am not sure if I even like. 

Here’s my MASTER PLAN:

1. GO to whatever college my parents or whatever is possible.

2. Graduate and get a job which would suit and finance my lifestyle well.


4. Live at London. Be a photographer/writer.

5. Attend the High School Reunion (cause even though I hate a lot of them, I’ll admit it. I’ll miss those jerks.)


Sounds a pretty good plan? NOT.

What if everything fails? I have no effing idea how to deal with my life.

I can’t even answer this essay question, “Are there any significant experiences you have had, or accomplishments you have realized, that have helped define you as a person?”

*DON’T tell me when I was born to this earth. That is too mainstream… I need a quirky answer plus I really don’t know who I am still as a person.


Cause I’m Peeta and I know it


Here’s a list of things I hate and love about this day:


(Things here are generalized or shortened to protect the innocent, namely me.  )

1. Got scolded for snooping on the “SOMEBODY’s” Log Book. FYI, I’m not a snooper, it’s just that at that time I got bored and next thing I know the “somebody” l was saying stuffs about confidentiality. For her information, I did not even understand anything because of her doctor-like hand writing. Plus, it’s not my fault she used her log book to place the attendance of the meeting. Well, I think she’s also mad because I was late for the meeting.

2. The truth finally came out…. they are just using me. (I don’t want to elaborate on that)

3. I wanted to be an outreach minister ever since I had outreach with my friends because it was super fun but now, after the responsibilities that were laid to me… I wished I hadn’t run in the first place.

4. Being part of a minister is that we have to introduce ourselves on the social orientation next week. Instead of having the traditional way of introducing ourselves (name, position) or the dancing then the info would introduce as one by one, they chose a different way of introducing ourselves. (Don’t want to elaborate on that too for it would be a surprise in case someone from school is actually reading this.) So thing is “the thing” that they are making us do requires individual/personal output.

I plan on placing a paper bag on my head on Monday.

5. Realization dawned on me. I really don’t have talent that could be showcase to the world.


(Things here too are generalized or shortened to protect the innocent, namely me.  )

1. Got to see my friends.

I hope someone joins me in my paper bag presentation on Monday.

2. I had that sense of fulfillment in life because people are giving me responsibilities and even though I’m sure I can do all of them…. I feel loved for they trust me enough to be able to execute the stuffs they entrusted to me.

3. My theory is right! Every time I’m with this certain person… I always get unlucky. For example, I was playing ‘Game of Nerds’ then when this girl went away from me for awhile my score reached almost 300 then when she came back my score got stuck to 50 or 60 something. SO if I plan to be successful this school year, I should really avoid her.

4. My enemy-friend teacher told me he saw that I was dedicated last outreach activity so I kind of forgive him even though he sure did gave me a whole lot of work to do starting on the month of July.

5. Remember my whine about #4 up there in Hates section. Well “the thing” that we have to put some personal/individual output, someone I like helped me plan on what I’ll do.

6. I know I’ll be successful in the near future. I just have to do more than dream.

Seriously, my plan on “the thing” I have to do on Monday is to be like Peeta.

who do you think would be my Katniss? hahaha

Then this song from my all-time favorite cartoon movie plays.

But I think the best idea on Monday would be to be absent 🙂

15th Birthday Celebration


I was supposed to start with a polaroid picture of me on my 1st birthday but because of unknown reasons I can’t find the picture. How time flies by and I can’t believe that I’m Fifteen years old already!!! I still feel like I’m 12 years old or something. Thing is I’m fifteen and one more school year… ¹I’m off to college. I’m going to college. I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing or who I want to be and now I’m leaving everything I know… well that really depends if I get to the college I THINK I want.

Well, let’s look at the good side I just turned fifteen and I’m grateful to have friends who are always there for me ²through the good and the bad and the ugly. Yes, and they’re creative as hell. Hahaha okay just one of my friend is creative. I hope she’s reading this. My friend gave me a Hogwarts acceptance letter admitting me to Hogwarts. She also gave me another letter which made me smile for about 5 minutes straight. (While reading the letter, the song “You have more friends than you know” by Glee was playing. While my other friend gave me a rock and a perfume.

My delayed Hogwarts letter, perfume, letter, and a doodle

My delayed Hogwarts letter, perfume, letter, and a doodle

We ate lots of food (spaghetti, pizza, ice cream, chicken… the usual party food) and we did KTV where my friend Aika gave her all. (Well, you know heartbreaks…) It was fun and for the first time no one even dared complain and shut off the electricity. (It happened once. Long story.) Playing songs of when You’re Gone and Thinking of You, we could really feel the emotions.

Blowing candles since '98

Blowing candles since ’98

Even though not all of my friends were able to come to my celebration (due to reasons like they are out of town or something), I still enjoyed it. I’d like to thank my friends  for going to my house to celebrate with me on my birthday. (It was supposed to be a sleepover but people can’t go because of parents that’s why I just made it lunch.) I also like to thank the people who made time to greet me. Even though it was just a simple ‘Happy Birthday Alex!’ , well it made me smile. ヽ(•‿•)ノ

I really like to place all the stuffs that happened but I don’t have the time and I’m lazy. 😀


¹ I Like it Like That by Cecily von Ziegeser

² Forever and Always by Parachute

Forever Invisible



First  of all it’s because there is this person I hate who went to America and surprised his girlfriend for their 2nd Anniversary.

When on earth will I even experience something sweet as that?


I probably giving you guys too much info and stuffs… but really these are the days that I feel like I’m going to die surrounded my 99 dogs cause that’s how forever alone I am.

Okay, sometimes, I’m an awkward potato.

Sometimes, I can be an uncontrolled fangirl.

Sometimes, I’m just bored with the world and transport myself to a a place called the INTERNET.

Sometimes, I write stories in Wattpad (Lumos_Cloak531)

But, what can I do?

I’m a person who doesn’t have siblings, obnoxiously overweight, not that rich, doesn’t have the attitude like FAT AMY.

But that’s me… could someone ever love me for who I am?