I Know You Want To… But Don’t


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything in here. I don’t even know if somebody is even reading my blog anymore… but who cares. This is going to be a post of things you want to do with your crush but I advise you not to.

❥Meet with him and your friends before your College Entrance exams  

            👎 Well, I think you’ll need it for inspiration but maybe it would be a distraction… so DON’T

❥Be seatmates with him.

            👎 If you have a chance to choose your own seating arrangement go with your friends. If your crush is your seatmate PLUS an average size of classroom = unexpectedly “TOO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER” moments resulting for you to be unable  to breathe. If it’s possible move your seat by an inch. (Pretend your claustrophobic even if you’re not.)

❥Avoid cabbie rides/ car rides

            👎 The very enclosed + tight space, one way or another, would really make you blush. Worst case scenario is : Your friends make you seat together, which results to you having to make sure he doesn’t hear your heart pounding.


             👎 Been there, done that, tried it. I SO DON’T WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. IDK why but he’ cranky in the morning… (Even though he has one hour of sleep… IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE.) But, IDK, if you want to see his sleeping face… then I ain’t stopping you.

❥SLEEP OVER then there’s school the next day

            👎 You’re seatmates and both of you’re sleeping during class hours… Chances are your friends would get your tablet/phone take a picture of both of you sleeping and sneakily make it your wallpaper.

This is actually a cropped and edited version of what my friends took.

This is actually a cropped and edited version of what my friends took.


             👎 He likes Chloe Grace Moretz and you’re all in for Logan Lerman. Fighting who’s a better fangirl/fanboy won’t do you good. Unless, he asks you to watch the upcoming movie of his celeb crush with you and your other friends… GO!


            👎 Why is this a downer? Cause you’ll think this…

                                 “Your friends with him…. but that’s all you’ll ever be…. FRIENDS.”

            👎 If the status of your friendship is : ONE SIDED LOVE. Then ONE_SIDED LOVE IT WILL EVER BE. (divine intervention or whatever intervention, maybe he secretly likes you also but this unfortunately does not happen all the time) You really can’t expect anything in return with the care, trust, and affection you give him.


            👎 SIGN IT ANONYMOUSLY… He’s going to die of curiosity looking for evidence which may lead to who wrote to that letter.


Rough September


We’re down to 14 days of September but ,seriously, it’s like those 14 days were like a year without rain. Okay, that’s a corny joke. So I’ve been through a lot in the past 14 days and I’m going to highlight the events of these 14 days.

  • I went to sleep over once again without asking permission from my ‘rents. (Medyo bad girl)
  • So something happened in that sleepover that I really can’t really say. Just think this is one of Ali’s (PLL) sleep over where lots of things happened and let’s call this thing that happened in the sleep over “The Jenna Thing”
  • We actually have Saturday classes at school and so to save myself from being caught by my ‘rents, I still went to school early without the people I went to in the sleep over.
  • “The Jenna Thing” spreads before I could even eat lunch. Since all those guys I went with to the sleep over decided to stay at home to sleep, I was left to face “The Jenna Thing” by myself.
  • I really am thankful for my “new found” friends for sticking up with me even if I didn’t tell them the whole story.
  • Did I mention that I wrote a letter for my crush. Our English teacher told us to write a letter to two people whether they’re from the school or outside of school. My friends and I would sound like elementary kids here but we dared each other to write letters for our crush or somebody who has a crush on them. [My letter was actually a jigsaw puzzle type. The deadline of the letter was last last Friday and I even got an incident report for allegedly cutting classes just to finish that letter.]
  • A new week came and I’ve been avoiding a floor the entire week because all those who hate me because of “The Jenna Thing” are in that floor.
  • So our English letter/mail man distributed the letters in class, my heart started to race fast and I felt like I was going to palpitate or something. Then when my crush got the letter he opened the envelop and of course he was surprised because apparently the letter was cut into pieces. Since, I forgot to place the instructions…. he just looked at the pieces. (yeah, he actually is smart but can’t figure out that my letter is a puzzle)  Luckily, his friend who’s also my friend [who was with me in my “allegedly cutting classes case”], told him that “Maybe it’s a puzzle. You know who is it from?” My crush says, “Maybe when I fix the puzzle…. I won’t sleep later until I fix that puzzle.”
  • My other classmate wrote my crush a letter also. The creepy thing is, he placed a picture of my crush sleeping in his letter. I saw the picture and I know that since I’m the photographer of the picture and the one who uploaded that picture in FB is that, that picture is placed under the 1000 + pictures I have. Meaning, my class mate is a stalker of my crush. The creepiness did not stop there. He actually placed “Hey!!!! Crush?!?” in his letter. Then he placed a correction tape on the “Crush?!?” but my friend removed the correction tape in the end and showed to my crush that there’s actually “Hey!!! Crush?!?”
  • This is actually a problem because I think my crush knows that he’s my crush and I think he’ll say that I’m obsessed with him to actually place like that. My letter actually contains a friendly note and from one of his favorite anime…. Ish!!! I’m not obsessed with him or love him to the moon and back….. He’s just my crush.
  • I am actually starting to realize who my friends really are. just the realization you know….


Still, even if I’ve been though a lot of shit this high school and my high school isn’t turning into one of those musical movie in Disney which I thought how High School would be for me…. I don’t want it to end.

Ugly on the outside


“With great power comes with with great responsibility…”

A quote from our beloved Uncle Ben…

it really is something that we could apply in our daily lives…

Thing is with great power comes with the choice to use your power for the benefit of the good or just watch at your sofa and be a couched potato.

So I’m going to set my point straight.

  • To the boy who does nothing at all… just sits and gives orders…
  • A big parasite: groups with nerds/responsible enough kids so that you can have a high score even if you don’t do anything.
  • The guy who was appointed the highest form of leadership/leadership because people thought he could do it. (Didn’t even bother to show the people who believed him that they are right.)
  • The person whom I met last school year personally and asked people who anointed you, “Why him?”
  • The one who was entrusted with great power by people who still believed in you even though I told them you weren’t good enough….
  • To the guy who’s madly deeply in love with his LDR GF and can’t get his priorities straight.
  • and the spoiled rich kid who gives bad jokes about the unfortunates…

the ones on top actually sum up to the person you are.

Eff You bery much.

Still, I thank you because of your lack of responsibility and awareness and everything… I’m motivated to be better than you. So by the end of the year, I can slap you because I could have been a better leader than you, WETCH!

It’s Mayday


It’s May and I should be happy cause it’s my birthday month but I guess I can’t have everything. I just had a very unexpectedly good day yesterday but the tide turned during the evening. (sigh)

This is not going to be a detailed things of what happened cause if you want a detailed version then this post would be long and I’m not in the mood to write a very long post right now.

My 3 friends  and I had a conference call then our topic went to college because I learned that right now we should know what exact course we would take and where on earth would we study cause we’re going to be seniors already next year. Then I told them that a certain school has one of the hardest entrance exam and my other friend really wanted to go there. Instead of us supporting her, the insults came like “you think you can go there…blah,blah,blah”

We were still laughing and I found out that my other friend actually hanged up. I tried calling her but her phone can’ t be reached anymore. Later on, I found out in Twitter and WordPress that she was deeply offended. I told my two other friends about this and told them we should probably apologize. Thing is my other friend said why did my other friend post this thing in a “cheap website”. She even actually sent a group message to a couple of people indirecting to my other friend who got offended.

Actually, I know why my friend who got offended posted it in website. I understand her and all.

I also understand my friend who texted the group message.

and both of them actually fought several times already and it always get fixed. Thing is this time, I think I’m part of their fight and I really hate it when that happens.

The Outcast


Here’s to all the outcast



Who’s to say, who’s not okay

The breakaways, will outlast, will outlast

Sticks and stones, won’t break these bones

They’re just some drones

To get past, I’ll get past
Feeling downcast, like an outcast

Underdogs, it’s time to bite back
We are, we are, we are, we are

Stronger from every scar, scar

Brighter than any star, star

We’re the outcast, outcast

There’s nothing you can say

To blow our dreams away

We rise above the fray

We’re the outcast, outcast
In this skin,

I’m better than I’ve ever been,

so take that, yeah, take that
The test of time will show who shines

It will be mine

Yeah, the last laugh, the last laugh
Feeling downcast, like an outcast

Underdogs, it’s time to bite back
We are, we are, we are, we are

Stronger from every scar, scar

Brighter than any star, star

We’re the outcast, outcast

There’s nothing you can say

To blow our dreams away

We rise above the fray

We’re the outcast, outcast
I’d rather be outrageous than

Just another door pushing again

I’d rather be a rainbow than

Just some shade of grey
Feeling downcast, like an outcast

Underdogs, it’s time to bite back
We are, we are, we are, we are

Stronger from every scar, scar

Brighter than any star, star

We’re the outcast, outcast

There’s nothing you can say

To blow our dreams away

We rise above the fray

We’re the outcast, outcast.

Giving Up


This topic is going to be deep and I don’t know why I’m doing this but I just want to help anyone out there who’s planning it. So SUICIDE is being rampant not only in the Philippines but also the whole world. The statistics said this suicide thing won’t affect my generation because I’m not part of the SUICIDE generation.

But, whatever, let me show you the causes.

Top 3 Causes: (Well, in my opinion but it’s pretty much these things)

1. Lost Hope.

-This happens when too much problems pile up already. They feel like they can’t fix it. That’s why if you have a friend who badly needs help, don’t hesitate to help. EVERYONE HAS THEIR BREAKING POINT.

2. Bullied.

-It’s not their fault that they think much better than you. Wait, I’m not helping. So, other people just don’t really click because everyone is unique. For example, you don’t expect a famous rich dancer just too easily click with a poor anime artist. They don’t click because: 1. Dancer finds the jokes of artist corny. 2. Artist thinks that dancer is arrogant.

Two people don’t just click like that so the other one is going to be the one who is pushed around. For this instance, since dancer is arrogant and rich, he finds any opportunity to mock artist because of his looks and the way he talks. So in this situation people tend to bully because they feel superior and more powerful but deep inside they are more messed up than the one they are bullying.

Please, unless you’re close to that person, you have no right to insult him/her. Take a look at yourself first, will yah?

3. Left Out.

-This is the worst thing. They even desperately hope that they are bullied so at least he/she knows he/she still exists. You know they are like invisible to the world that they desperately attract attention and sometimes this could lead to something else.They also keep their problems to themselves because they don’t have anyone else to share it with.

So maybe now you can go and talk to you classmate who barely talks. not just by pity. do it for the future. you never know that dude who doesn’t talk is the key to remove Global Warming.

Maybe, I should get psychology as my course….