Just A Dream (one-shot)


Two girls from the ice cream parlor shop who just wasted all their money in the mall shopping for new Miu Miu shoes. The taller one gushed about the latest gossip about the new boy in town.

“Alex, you know what the new guy n school asked me out on Saturday,” said Jamie.

Alex smiled and said, “Good for you. You should probably wear those Miu-Miu on Saturday. Then you could wear your maxi dress.”

“Nice idea,” said Jamie. She held up a finger to hail the cab. Alex got in first in the taxi then Jamie’s iPhone rang. Jamie looked for cellphone in her Jimmy Choos bag then the cab lurched forward leaving her. Due to the sudden lurch, she bumped the door of the cab that ended up closing. While Jamie busied herself trying to regain her balance, Alex was panicking.

All the doors of the cab were closed, even the divider of the cab from the passenger was closed. She tried to see the face of the driver but he was wearing shades. The only info Alex was able to get was the taxi was going 100 mph. Alex got her hair clip in vain of being able to open the door. She tried to calm herself by breathing like what she was thought in yoga class. She was supposed to dial the number of 911 when suddenly her eyes got teary-eyed and she can’t breathe.

“Knock-out gas?” yelped Alex.

Meanwhile, Jamie tried calling Alex but she wasn’t answering. She called 911 and said,” My friend was abducted by a taxi!”

“Ma’am, please state the plate number of the taxi.””How will I know the car went crazy and it might be going 100 mph.”

“We are now reporting the said events,” said the speaker. “The police are currently tracking a rogue taxi.”

“Please hurry-up,” said Jamie. Then she hold up the phone and tried to wait.

She bought a drink to hydrate herself when suddenly somebody held a handkerchief to her nose that she tried to resist but the chemicals were too much.



(Hey  guys, hahaha, won’t be continuing this story. This is apparently a dream of my friend about me. Well, at least she remembered me.)