The Christmas Spirit


So hey guys!!! It’s Christmas Eve and I really don’t feel it this time of the year. I’m not sure if it is because of the calamities but I really am not feeling Christmas-y this year. Still, I am holding on to my one and only Christmas Tradition…. MOVIE MARATHON!!!

Here are the movies I’ve watched today!!!


Meet Dave (Dylan O’Brien), a senior, who is in love with Jane (Victoria Justice). Suddenly, he met this junior girl, Aubrey, at a party. Soon enough they become close and help each other in their “FIST TIME”


So, yes, I’ve been watching Dylan O’Brien movies. He’s just too cute for his own good. A movie about two bros who are like in mid-life crisis and were laid-off. Now they find their selves interning for Google. Good movie cause they show how Google has their own version of QUIDDITCH!!!

21 Jump Street

It’s effing CHANNING TATUM!!! Okay, so I watched it again cause there’s gonna be 22 Jump Street by next year.


I’ve been dying to see this movie for like two months now. I’ve read the book and cried a little. This is going to be the last movie that Shailene Woodley would have without me thinking she has cancer or she’s going to have to jump off buildings and shooting people.

*TFIOS and Divergent Fans out there get this.


I am of course going to place a Christmas Movie sooner or later. Bloody Hell, you have no idea how tempted I was to write that on my Christmas card with the gift… But of course I don’t have the bloody guts to even do that. But i wrote it down but of course I threw it down the bin.

last but not the least….


SUPER THROWBACK MOVIE!!! You know that Mean Girls still do have an impact until now. For example you see those “cool” girls in your school wearing a “You Can’t Sit With Us” t-shirt. Then I think, “You guys are like the Mean Girls 2… Nobody gave a shinizit about it.”

I really do hope you guys are enjoying your Christmas more than I do.




Since Glee became crappy already, I needed to look for a new TV series I could fangirl on. While I was watching the second to the last episode of the season for Awkward, an idea popped into my head.

Why won’t I watch Teen Wolf?

And hell yeah, there’s something with this show that I love more than people. (I actually thought of skipping class the other day just to watch season 2 of Teen Wolf)

What makes Teen Wolf so special to me that I prefer watching it that socializing with people:

-Well, I’m drawn to mythical stuffs. It’s like my escape to reality. (That’s why I love the Bewitching and Beastly of Alex Flinn so much.)

-THE SCRIPT… not the band but the script written by the writers. It’s so cool from the story line to the dialogues of each character.

-D.Y.L.A.N. O’Brien aka Stiles
-The soundtrack!!! Of course, the show is in MTV… so it really has good music.
Must listen: Addicted by Morgan Page
-Bromance of Scott and Stiles. They are so adorable 😀

Those are just few of the reasons why I watch Teen Wolf, well, if you want to know what Teen Wolf is about… catch the season 3 on January 6.