The Choices We Make



Remember that question in Val. Ed??? A question about ‘What are you gonna do if your friend does (insert any bad deed here)?’

a) are you going to tell on him/her

b) tell your friend just don’t do it again and just forget it about it.

c) just sleep on it. forget anything even happened


It’s easy to say A cause you’re just looking out for your friend and he/she needs to learn but the truth is…. telling on your friend is the H-A-R-D-E-S-T thing do in your life. It’s like having to choose sides between your two favorite bands, go to a trip with your friends or go to vacay with your family, and having to choose if you’ll read Allegiant or House of Hades first.

Hate to admit it, but my friends and family are my Kryptonite. I easily get to jive with people who talk with me and end up sharing a few stuffs about me ending up for us to be friends. I could probably blame the part that I am the only child and was deprived of the experience to have siblings. Sometimes, I also care too much of my friends and mindlessly…. I’m turning out to be their “Back-Up” Friend. (not right time to talk about that topic… maybe some other time)

So, I had this dilemma earlier this day. My friend did something stupid and I had the choice either to tell on my friend or not.

I ended up telling on him but instead of having the feeling “you know you did something right”, I get this feeling that “I just betrayed my friend” feeling.

Which sucks.

I hate my friend for putting me in that position.


15th Birthday Celebration


I was supposed to start with a polaroid picture of me on my 1st birthday but because of unknown reasons I can’t find the picture. How time flies by and I can’t believe that I’m Fifteen years old already!!! I still feel like I’m 12 years old or something. Thing is I’m fifteen and one more school year… ¹I’m off to college. I’m going to college. I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing or who I want to be and now I’m leaving everything I know… well that really depends if I get to the college I THINK I want.

Well, let’s look at the good side I just turned fifteen and I’m grateful to have friends who are always there for me ²through the good and the bad and the ugly. Yes, and they’re creative as hell. Hahaha okay just one of my friend is creative. I hope she’s reading this. My friend gave me a Hogwarts acceptance letter admitting me to Hogwarts. She also gave me another letter which made me smile for about 5 minutes straight. (While reading the letter, the song “You have more friends than you know” by Glee was playing. While my other friend gave me a rock and a perfume.

My delayed Hogwarts letter, perfume, letter, and a doodle

My delayed Hogwarts letter, perfume, letter, and a doodle

We ate lots of food (spaghetti, pizza, ice cream, chicken… the usual party food) and we did KTV where my friend Aika gave her all. (Well, you know heartbreaks…) It was fun and for the first time no one even dared complain and shut off the electricity. (It happened once. Long story.) Playing songs of when You’re Gone and Thinking of You, we could really feel the emotions.

Blowing candles since '98

Blowing candles since ’98

Even though not all of my friends were able to come to my celebration (due to reasons like they are out of town or something), I still enjoyed it. I’d like to thank my friends  for going to my house to celebrate with me on my birthday. (It was supposed to be a sleepover but people can’t go because of parents that’s why I just made it lunch.) I also like to thank the people who made time to greet me. Even though it was just a simple ‘Happy Birthday Alex!’ , well it made me smile. ヽ(•‿•)ノ

I really like to place all the stuffs that happened but I don’t have the time and I’m lazy. 😀


¹ I Like it Like That by Cecily von Ziegeser

² Forever and Always by Parachute

April Rush



What I do during summer? Uhm… I shop

Favorite place during the summer: San Juan, La Union and malls

Favorite treat: Halo-Halo

During the first week of April, I went to school to enroll for my senior year, then I met with my friends. [check out the story] After that my parents and I attended a wedding at Pangasinan. It was a very hot day and I can say my life was saved by aircon blasting from the reception. Actually, that was the quickest wedding I’ve ever been. The church only lasted for about 45 mins. while the reception only lasted for about an hour.

On the second week, I met with my friends. [Anna, Kyla, Erika] We were supposed to watch a movie but all the movies that were showing sucked. So we decided to just go to the KTV and we sang 20 songs. Anna has the videos that were very embarrassing. The only sucker thing about the KTV thing is that before they give you the room where you can sing all you can. You have to choose first your songs then they’ll input it to the karaoke machine. Well, at first it was Kyla who was choosing the songs then the next ten songs I was the one choosing. Thing is I didn’t know there was this MTV only section. (no lyrics, just the music video) Really, dude, what’s the use of music video if there was no lyrics, what’s the point in going to a KTV?

Third week, I went with my parents to Manila. I actually just stayed at the mall and shopped and ate. (What a fun summer? No.) Then my rents and I went to the birthday party of our family friend where we stayed at Laguna for two days. The resort they rented was kind of small but at least there was unli aircon and WiFi at the place. It was pretty fun cause my uncle made this Kare-Kare seafood.( Cram dori, squid, tiger shrimps)


During my spare time, I just read books. I love books.

So, yeah that’s the happening of my summer.




My friends and I decided to go to Burnham Park to skate after we enrolled. (I’m officially a SENIOR!!!!)  There were 9 of us, originally 10. (JM, Clark, Trisha, Donrey, Vince, Zhaira, Anna, Aika, and me) This decision was made final when we just ate lunch at Vizco’s treated by my friend Angela. [At last, she got to treat us! but she left early so she didn’t reach the fun parts] So my friend, Donrey, suggested that we should watch the movie “The Host”. The other guys (plus me) didn’t like this idea but we tagged along (After telling Donrey, countless of times the the movie was corny.)

When we arrived to the mall and reached the cinemas, we found out that “The Host” was only showing from 10:30-2:15 (we arrived around 2p.m.)  So we hopped on a taxi and went skating at Burnham Park. Even though I wasn’t able to skate (I was wearing flats during that time and there is this stupid rule that you can’t skate without socks and you have to pay additional 40 but I was saving that time so no, thanks.)

I just laughed at my friends while they fall on their butts countless of times. After an hour, we decided to move out of the skating ring and go boating. We actually found a boatman that was willing to make 9 persons fit on the boat. So you can pretty much imagine what happened after that. We were all screaming if one just moves because the boat goes unstable. Then I decided to disturb a couple by rowing near them. They were somewhere near the edge… not rowing just hugging. 😉 I’m great like that. I could see the guy is annoyed with us specially when I said, “Get A Room!”   Well, it’s my friends fault. If they disagreed on the first place that I would help row the boat then that incident would not happen.

After the boating trip, the other girls decided to take at trip at the rest room at the park. Anna, the other boys, and me were talking when this man went up to us.

He held out an black iPhone and I thought this guy was just showing-off and I decided to bring out my iPhone, if I ever had one.  He asked us if the iPhone belongs to us but we  were honest so he went away. I should have said “Yes!” to him.

Well, that has what happens to my day when I’m with my friends.





So this is the last week of acads. A lot of hectic works and stuffs to do.

So, here’s the thing.

I saw my guy friend cried for the first time and he looked so vulnerable that I wanted to hug him and just be there to wipe those tears away. Guess what I did, I went to him while he was crying just sat beside him and told him everything’s gonna be alright.

That probably sucked but at least I was there for him right, I just sat on the floor beside him and didn’t utter a word. Reason: I believe that saying “Are you okay” or “everything’s go

Well, at least I was there to comfort him.


Because my group’s Investigatory Project was accepted, we are going to receive perks. We get to choose who would be our classmates next year!!! \m/

All the hard work had finally paid off!

I hope my friends keep their promise that they would choose a classroom together with us.


I think last Friday was the first time I was able to hug a guy friend… or should I say guy friends?My classmate for three years hugged me, then my classmate during first year hugged me, my other 2 years classmate hugged me also, the dude who has a very low voice, and my nerd guy friend (J2, Jessmoore,Rustom, John, and Ian)

It was kind of awkward at first but soon if faded off.

That’s what happened to the last week of acads. Crying, Hugging, and Goodbyes.