27 hours awake


Here’s the thing, my friends and I are gunning to join the DOST Regional Science invention contest. So this is were our Investigatory Project comes in.  This story happened last Wednesday. Actually it was supposed to happen last Tuesday but  we canceled it because the rain stopped us.

Ahh, it’s  holiday. Thankfully I could rest. NO!!!!

My friend called  and said that we should come over at his house and edit our IP cause if we really want to win then we should really finalize our IP. So even though the rain was pouring hard and the wind was giving my hair a bad hair day look, my group mate and I went. My original plan was actually to watch “Conjuring” at my friend’s house. [And be a pig because my friend’s mom make good food] But I know I still have a  lot of chances to do that but you only get one chance to actually win a Science fair.

So it was getting late already and not only were we doing our own Investigatory Projects but we were also editing my batch mates’ IPs. I should probably have went home when the clock strikes at 9 but I didn’t. One reason would be: Earlier that day my friends and I had this short coffee break and watched a short documentary film about the doll in Conjuring.

Probably thinking “didn’t my rents get mad or something?”

My answer would be “How would they get mad if they don’t even know cause they are like 500 km away?” 😉

It was already 11:00 and we were already hoping that classes are suspended the next day so that we can finish not only our IP but also our batch mates. (We did their IPs cause we don’t want to dishonor the school and my batchmates kept on excusing themselves at classes and it would be shameful if they had suckish papers)

My friends and I started to make inside jokes…. it’s like Ma-Janine Togonon. But instead of celebs, we used our batch mates’ names. That was like our only happiness cause our brains are all squeezed out already. We were like laughing like retards then we decided to go to this nearby cafe. Two of my friends were left at the house to ensure that nobody goes stealing our stuffs. (*ahem* PDA *ahem*) So my teacher who was with us and my other friend together with me, didn’t care that the rain was pouring hard. Our caffeine need has to be fueled so badly.

It really is true that when it is like 12 midnight, that’s where the convo starts to be serious and all secrets start to be shared. XD Since nòbody else was at the café, we shared secrets which can’t be shared.

By 1 PM, we went back to work and it was already 4 Am and all of the sudden it stopped raining. My friends already plan on just being absent and I’m like my parents don’t know that I’m here and being absent would be a giveaway that I sleptover at a friend’s house which is NOT ALLOWED!!!

Luckily by 5 AM, our principal announced that classes are SUSPENDED which really lit all of us. I went home around 7 AM to take a bath then by 8 I went back to my friend’s house to finish what we started. On my way back to our friend’s house, I freakin’ fell asleep at the taxi. -.-

2 PM: i went to town to buy Chao Fan cause I was really craving for it.


I vow to myself to NEVER do that again…. EVER!


(Below is a pic of me at 5AM in the morning….EYEBAGSSSSSSS)



Ugly on the outside


“With great power comes with with great responsibility…”

A quote from our beloved Uncle Ben…

it really is something that we could apply in our daily lives…

Thing is with great power comes with the choice to use your power for the benefit of the good or just watch at your sofa and be a couched potato.

So I’m going to set my point straight.

  • To the boy who does nothing at all… just sits and gives orders…
  • A big parasite: groups with nerds/responsible enough kids so that you can have a high score even if you don’t do anything.
  • The guy who was appointed the highest form of leadership/leadership because people thought he could do it. (Didn’t even bother to show the people who believed him that they are right.)
  • The person whom I met last school year personally and asked people who anointed you, “Why him?”
  • The one who was entrusted with great power by people who still believed in you even though I told them you weren’t good enough….
  • To the guy who’s madly deeply in love with his LDR GF and can’t get his priorities straight.
  • and the spoiled rich kid who gives bad jokes about the unfortunates…

the ones on top actually sum up to the person you are.

Eff You bery much.

Still, I thank you because of your lack of responsibility and awareness and everything… I’m motivated to be better than you. So by the end of the year, I can slap you because I could have been a better leader than you, WETCH!

50 Questions


1. Did you wake up cranky? Nope.

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now? If that 18y.o. ‘s name is Callan McAuliffe… Why not?

3. Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys? Any would do as long as they understand me.

4. Would you ever smile at a stranger? Nope.

5. Can you commit to one person? Yes.

6. How do you look right now? Geek with no social life

7. What exactly are you wearing right now? Purple Statement Shirt with pink pajamas and glasses.

8. How often do you listen to music? Everyday. I put the speakers on when I take a shower.

9. Do you wear jeans or sweats more? jeans 🙂

10. Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2014? Maybe, I was the missing princess of a small country or someone discovers my bedroom acting skills and my shower concert skills.

11. Are you a social or an antisocial person? Social but I look like anti-social.

12. If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say? …… O.O ……

13. Are you good at hiding your feelings? yup 🙂

14. Can you drive a stick shift? Yeah 🙂

15. Do you care if people talk badly about you? I’m a liar if I say I won’t.

16. Are you going out of town soon? Nope.

17. When was the last time you cried? May 29. Don’t ask.

18. Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to? Yes.

19. If you could change your eye color, would you? Nah.

20. Name something you have to do tomorrow? Go to church.

21. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having. Boring

22. Have you ever liked one of your best friends of the opposite sex? Yup and no plans of repeating it.

23. Are you nice to everyone? Nope.

24. What are you sitting on right now? An antique chair.

25. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat? Yeah.

26. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have? Lots and lots of times.

27. Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night? Dad

28. Do you get a lot of colds? A lot.

29. Have your pants ever fallen down in public? Countless of times already

30. Does anyone hate you? I think so.

31. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? I think but not really everything.

32. Do you like watching scary movies? Hell no. I get nightmares.

33. Are you a jealous person? Unfortunately, yes but I hide it.

34. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be? sy 2008-09

35. Did you have a dream last night? yes. being chased by zombies.

36. Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to? My diary.

37. Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years? I’m like 20 on that time and I don’t want a relationship to keep me from achieving my life goals.

38. Do you think someone has feelings for you? Not being assuming or something but I think someone has feelings for me. Well, I’m irresistible. Hahaha. Joke

39. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? Someone better be.

40. Did you have a good day yesterday? It was my birthday so technically yes 🙂

41. Think back 2 months ago; were you in a relationship? nope. NBSB (no boyfriend since birth)

42. Is your life anything like it was two years ago? I’m crazier and louder

43. If the person you wish to be with were with you, what would you be doing right now? Busy trying not to be awkward.

44. What’s the best part about school? Friends.

45. Do you have any pictures on your Facebook? I’m like the designated photographer of the class so yeah.

46. Do you ever pass notes to your friends in school? I did and don’t want to do it again.

47. Do you replay things that have happened in your head? Yup. especially the good times or arguments I could have win if I said this or that.

48. Were you single over the last summer? yes.

49. What are you supposed to be doing right now? Sleeping

50. Don’t tell me lies, is the last person you texted attractive? No.

It’s Mayday


It’s May and I should be happy cause it’s my birthday month but I guess I can’t have everything. I just had a very unexpectedly good day yesterday but the tide turned during the evening. (sigh)

This is not going to be a detailed things of what happened cause if you want a detailed version then this post would be long and I’m not in the mood to write a very long post right now.

My 3 friends  and I had a conference call then our topic went to college because I learned that right now we should know what exact course we would take and where on earth would we study cause we’re going to be seniors already next year. Then I told them that a certain school has one of the hardest entrance exam and my other friend really wanted to go there. Instead of us supporting her, the insults came like “you think you can go there…blah,blah,blah”

We were still laughing and I found out that my other friend actually hanged up. I tried calling her but her phone can’ t be reached anymore. Later on, I found out in Twitter and WordPress that she was deeply offended. I told my two other friends about this and told them we should probably apologize. Thing is my other friend said why did my other friend post this thing in a “cheap website”. She even actually sent a group message to a couple of people indirecting to my other friend who got offended.

Actually, I know why my friend who got offended posted it in website. I understand her and all.

I also understand my friend who texted the group message.

and both of them actually fought several times already and it always get fixed. Thing is this time, I think I’m part of their fight and I really hate it when that happens.

Things I’m currenty not liking in LIFE


1. When you accidentally hurt yourself. [Paper cut, Chopping the vegetables]

2. When the person you want to avoid appears. [Wild Pokemon appears!!! What do you do: a) avoid b)get your cellphone so it means you’re actually doing something and he/she might not approach you c) Nod at that person to acknowledge presence d) wait for him to approach you first.]

3. I’ve read a lot of books and the only character I know who has the same Horoscope as mine (GEMINI) is Draco Malfoy. He’s a dude and he’s like 32.

4. I seem to be a person who looks unapproachable and I end up not having new friends.

5. I need to stop daydreaming or spacing out. [When I daydream or space out that’s when the important stuffs I need to know seems to be happening 😦 ]

6. I get effing insecure when people whisper in front of me or I hear somebody laugh who’s like 237627831 miles away.

7. I hate it when something goes mainstream and I hate it when nobody can relate to what I’m saying cause they don’t have any idea what I’m saying.

8. How I’m participating in the internet world than the real world [People are so much better with their masks on.]

9.  I dream too much. Expect too much.

10. I like things that are impossible like Pokemons, you liking me back, traveling to London with my friends. grrr… this life.

11. Too much pressure from parents.

12. I read because I want to escape. I watch too much love story and cry over it. Reason: cause I know no one would love me like how they love each other.

[last but not the least]

13. Slowly, I’m becoming pessimistic.

Letters to you


Here’s actually a list of things I would like to tell you but I would never tell.

Weird thing is I have the guts to post it at the net but not say it to you.

Weird, right? But, honestly, I’m going to burst if I won’t tell anyone.

I have friends but I’m embarrassed to say this to them.

Dear _________

You probably don’t know about this but we sure did have a secret past. My 9 year old fell in love with you for the first time. While my 10 year old self wanted to ask your name but always had cold feet just thinking about the idea that you’ll talk to me. Then my 11 year old self decided that maybe if I switched school then I’d get a chance to meet you.

Turned out when I was 12, you stayed their at your school. I lost hope so I did my very best to forget about you. I was able to live a year without seeing you anymore. Just then I thought we really weren’t going to see each other anymore. Funny is when I turned 13, I looked at the person sitting at my left and you were there. They were right when they said you shouldn’t go finding for love. Still, unfortunately, we weren’t classmates and you were in love with a person whom I thought was my friend. You still didn’t know I existed, I was sure of that. Tried my best not to look at you. Unfortunately, my best friend’s classroom, whom I go home with, is at the same floor as you.

For a year, I avoided that floor and turned out I slowly forgot you. Unfortunately, when I was 14 and have forgotten about you that’s how I became classmates with you. I’ve avoided you for a month and was also mad at you because you keep switching my name with the other girl. Then, your friend who was apparently a girl…uhm… touched you like you were together. Like clinging your arms and you desperately trying to get away from her. Luckily, somebody in their deranged mind decided to court her then she stop bugging you.

Then, the next month I had this “FAKE” relationship with my guy friend so that the girl would stop bothering and obsessing with him. It was a joke actually we just wanted to fool around and nothing really happened. But my name was not for the girl to stop obsessing my friend, it was my aim for you to at least notice me.

Didn’t work.

It was a Friday, when all this sudden thought popped into my head. It was that what if our adviser changed the seating arrangement and placed me beside you. Guess what, the next week he changed my place. Where? Next to you.

I did my best not to fall for you. Honestly. I don’t want to feel the pain I’ve felt before. Having a one-sided love. Then, I was playing through all my Taylor Swift song in my computer and the song I’d Lie came up and I thought about you.

Called up my friend after that and asking if she thinks I like you again and she said yes. I tried to dismiss the thought but unfortunately it kept creeping back in.

My feeling were back then.

The  months flew away and December came. There’s this exchange gift that happened in our class and I was really hoping I’d pick you but I didn’t. I asked you who you got for the exchange gift but you said it was a secret. (I even tripped at you but you where quick enough and help my shoulders to prevent anything else from happening.)

Two days before Christmas Party came. Then your friend slipped that you got me for the exchange gift. The next day I saw you at the mall with your friends while I was helping my friend look for a gift for her boyfriend. That moment, I was dying of curiosity on what you would give me. I know I placed “Let It Snow” by John Green, a jacket, and white earphones with no earplugs in my wish list and I was thinking if you’re going to grant my wish

My friends left me at McDo while they continued with their Christmas shopping spree. (I was done with my Christmas shopping.) Then I looked up and you and your friend were passing. Your friend saw me and said hi while you smiled and waved your hand. I am already happy that time.

The next day it was Christmas party. It was per section and good thing our classmates thought of good games but they were all too embarrassing to join. We both didn’t join most of the games and we were just walking around taking pictures of our classmates while they all make a fool of themselves. Hahaha. We were like in our own bubble for about an hour.

Then the exchange gift came. You gave me your gift which was in a small paper bag. Since my friend also got a gift from her crush which we both didn’t expect we both opened our gift at the same time. We both rushed to the other building. Thing is, your paper bag got destroyed at the bottom part so all those Hershey’s kisses and green paper went coming out of the bag where I placed all my gift. My friend teased me because of the kisses. Then there was this letter I saw. It took me time to comprehend because let’s face it you have a poor penmanship.

I didn’t get what your letter said that the packaging was broken, blah, blah,blah. Then I looked deeper inside of the paper bag and saw this white thing. I pulled it up but not completely out of the package because the moment I saw the brand and earphones I was squealing and so was my friend. She opened her gift and her wish in the wishlist was also granted by her crush.

On January, we had dancing for P.E. we became partners and I thank you for your patience in my two left feet and my sweaty hands. Then prom came, I knew you weren’t going to dance with me because you’re too busy being part of the prom committee. Just my luck, my friends kind of bugged you until you danced with me then we danced for like two songs. Technically, you’re my first dance in high school.

Before prom, you even carried my bag until the bus during camping. Just my luck, huh?

All of a sudden, it was already the last week of classes. A lot of girls cried in our section then the boys were hugging girls even if they weren’t popular. Then you were my third to the last hug which makes me very happy.

Thing is even though I could only love you from the distant, I could say you deserve it because you are such a good person. You’re responsible, not judgmental, gentleman, loyal to your friends, and approachable. But sometimes you are pessimistic.

Even though my friends say I just like you because you look like HP specially when you had glasses the only missing thing was a lightning bolt scar. They’re wrong.

I liked you because you’re you. You don’t follow the crowd which makes you special.

From someone secretly liking you from the distance