Movin’on: The Depression Starts


The feels, bro.


I Know You Want To… But Don’t


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything in here. I don’t even know if somebody is even reading my blog anymore… but who cares. This is going to be a post of things you want to do with your crush but I advise you not to.

❥Meet with him and your friends before your College Entrance exams  

            👎 Well, I think you’ll need it for inspiration but maybe it would be a distraction… so DON’T

❥Be seatmates with him.

            👎 If you have a chance to choose your own seating arrangement go with your friends. If your crush is your seatmate PLUS an average size of classroom = unexpectedly “TOO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER” moments resulting for you to be unable  to breathe. If it’s possible move your seat by an inch. (Pretend your claustrophobic even if you’re not.)

❥Avoid cabbie rides/ car rides

            👎 The very enclosed + tight space, one way or another, would really make you blush. Worst case scenario is : Your friends make you seat together, which results to you having to make sure he doesn’t hear your heart pounding.


             👎 Been there, done that, tried it. I SO DON’T WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. IDK why but he’ cranky in the morning… (Even though he has one hour of sleep… IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE.) But, IDK, if you want to see his sleeping face… then I ain’t stopping you.

❥SLEEP OVER then there’s school the next day

            👎 You’re seatmates and both of you’re sleeping during class hours… Chances are your friends would get your tablet/phone take a picture of both of you sleeping and sneakily make it your wallpaper.

This is actually a cropped and edited version of what my friends took.

This is actually a cropped and edited version of what my friends took.


             👎 He likes Chloe Grace Moretz and you’re all in for Logan Lerman. Fighting who’s a better fangirl/fanboy won’t do you good. Unless, he asks you to watch the upcoming movie of his celeb crush with you and your other friends… GO!


            👎 Why is this a downer? Cause you’ll think this…

                                 “Your friends with him…. but that’s all you’ll ever be…. FRIENDS.”

            👎 If the status of your friendship is : ONE SIDED LOVE. Then ONE_SIDED LOVE IT WILL EVER BE. (divine intervention or whatever intervention, maybe he secretly likes you also but this unfortunately does not happen all the time) You really can’t expect anything in return with the care, trust, and affection you give him.


            👎 SIGN IT ANONYMOUSLY… He’s going to die of curiosity looking for evidence which may lead to who wrote to that letter.

Starting September with a ROAR!!!


It’s a new month and we’re going to start the countdown before my high school life ends. Okay, that’s like 6 months to go… but there’s only 3 months left before Christmas and–and unfortunately I haven’t saved money yet because spend here… outing there, I. P. everywhere…

Speaking of I.P., my group got into the Intel Competition which means we get to have 5 day vacation. Okay, just kidding, we got 5 days leave from school because of the competition. Hell yeah!!! Thinking about it… I AM NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO WATCH THE FIRST EP OF GLEE…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This September enters with a great weather, I really hope that there would be lesser typhoons this week. I just can’t take or imagine having to enter a Saturday Class. I’ll go crazy!!! Like, I stay with those annoying people for 5 weeks, 8 hour a day. The only advantage of having Saturday Class is that you get additional allowance. But really, I just want to make love to my bed every Saturdays. 😉

Still, this September made me question if their really is any happy ending for people. I mean look at the States… divorce here, divorce there, divorce everywhere. It’s like nobody gets to be really happy in the end. We all start this great relationship but in the end we end up sulking in the corner thinking why on earth did you ever love that person. Actually, it’s my friend and her boyfriend that made me question this. They were like OTP, MTB, match-made in heaven…. in the end they had this mutual break-up. [I’m giving it a week… they’ll be together again.]

I’m pigging out with all this pile of homework given by the teachers everyday. How on earth can I survive 6 days…. 6 DAYS?!

I really hope September ends up as a memorable month. 🙂

Cause I’m Peeta and I know it


Here’s a list of things I hate and love about this day:


(Things here are generalized or shortened to protect the innocent, namely me.  )

1. Got scolded for snooping on the “SOMEBODY’s” Log Book. FYI, I’m not a snooper, it’s just that at that time I got bored and next thing I know the “somebody” l was saying stuffs about confidentiality. For her information, I did not even understand anything because of her doctor-like hand writing. Plus, it’s not my fault she used her log book to place the attendance of the meeting. Well, I think she’s also mad because I was late for the meeting.

2. The truth finally came out…. they are just using me. (I don’t want to elaborate on that)

3. I wanted to be an outreach minister ever since I had outreach with my friends because it was super fun but now, after the responsibilities that were laid to me… I wished I hadn’t run in the first place.

4. Being part of a minister is that we have to introduce ourselves on the social orientation next week. Instead of having the traditional way of introducing ourselves (name, position) or the dancing then the info would introduce as one by one, they chose a different way of introducing ourselves. (Don’t want to elaborate on that too for it would be a surprise in case someone from school is actually reading this.) So thing is “the thing” that they are making us do requires individual/personal output.

I plan on placing a paper bag on my head on Monday.

5. Realization dawned on me. I really don’t have talent that could be showcase to the world.


(Things here too are generalized or shortened to protect the innocent, namely me.  )

1. Got to see my friends.

I hope someone joins me in my paper bag presentation on Monday.

2. I had that sense of fulfillment in life because people are giving me responsibilities and even though I’m sure I can do all of them…. I feel loved for they trust me enough to be able to execute the stuffs they entrusted to me.

3. My theory is right! Every time I’m with this certain person… I always get unlucky. For example, I was playing ‘Game of Nerds’ then when this girl went away from me for awhile my score reached almost 300 then when she came back my score got stuck to 50 or 60 something. SO if I plan to be successful this school year, I should really avoid her.

4. My enemy-friend teacher told me he saw that I was dedicated last outreach activity so I kind of forgive him even though he sure did gave me a whole lot of work to do starting on the month of July.

5. Remember my whine about #4 up there in Hates section. Well “the thing” that we have to put some personal/individual output, someone I like helped me plan on what I’ll do.

6. I know I’ll be successful in the near future. I just have to do more than dream.

Seriously, my plan on “the thing” I have to do on Monday is to be like Peeta.

who do you think would be my Katniss? hahaha

Then this song from my all-time favorite cartoon movie plays.

But I think the best idea on Monday would be to be absent 🙂

Forever Invisible



First  of all it’s because there is this person I hate who went to America and surprised his girlfriend for their 2nd Anniversary.

When on earth will I even experience something sweet as that?


I probably giving you guys too much info and stuffs… but really these are the days that I feel like I’m going to die surrounded my 99 dogs cause that’s how forever alone I am.

Okay, sometimes, I’m an awkward potato.

Sometimes, I can be an uncontrolled fangirl.

Sometimes, I’m just bored with the world and transport myself to a a place called the INTERNET.

Sometimes, I write stories in Wattpad (Lumos_Cloak531)

But, what can I do?

I’m a person who doesn’t have siblings, obnoxiously overweight, not that rich, doesn’t have the attitude like FAT AMY.

But that’s me… could someone ever love me for who I am?

First LOVE <3



Nobody would forget their first loves. I’m sure of that.

The way your love made yourheart skip a beat

The way your love made your stomach feel butterflies.

The way your love made your frown turn into a smile.

and the way your love made your mind go crazy.