What I Want for Christmas


If you’re feeling so kind to send me a gift or maybe you’re secretly in love with me but you don’t have any idea what to give me (just kidding)… I’m going to solve your problem 🙂


>Mix tapes 2.0 version<

(the usb type. cause nobody uses the cassette anymore but I do have a cassette player) It’s like the 80’s and 90’s vibe when people place songs in a cassette to show you how they feel.

>Spoof T-shirts<

Well, they entertain me so much.


this site  and this site 


My size is 7 1/2. :]

A UGG or Bearpaw could be possible :]

>Samsung Galaxy tab 3 ….7″ case<

>Canon 60D strap < 


well, that’s all. Hope you add me into your Christmas shopping list :]


Birthday Wishlist 2013


SO I’M TURNING 15 THIS YEAR!!!! yeay!!

I could finally belt out the song FIFTEEN of Taylor Swift 😉

Here’s a list of what I want for my birthday this year:

1. A Samsung Galaxy S4 or a Galaxy Note 8.0

-My galaxy Y is already out dated and there’s something wrong with the battery and my phone looks all so battered.

2. Ticket to London

-I have never been to any other country. .. and I just love the idea of London

3. A birthday cake like Hagrid gave to Harry.

– I would deeply appreciate if I get one like this or anything Harry Potter themed. Thing is, my friends are not that creative so my hope for this one is really very low.

4. A surprise party.

-I’m always the one who gives out surprises to other people but I never get one…. never.

5. Cute camera bag.

– My camera bag is too big and bulky that it looks like a backpack. I need something that can fit my 60D but without it being too big and still makes me look like a serious photographer. 🙂

6. Macarons.

-Macarons in any flavor, any color.

7. Shopping spree with friends at Forever 21 or Topshop

So, I really hope someone could at least give me macrons for my birthday but I think I won’t receive any gift this year. ‘sighs’