Going back to school


So tomorrow would be my first day to my last year in my school.

My ticket is ready.
My luggage is ready.
Even my owl, Florizel, is ready.
Slytherin! I come back with a vengeance.

My ticket 🙂

Unfortunately, it’s still June and classes would start on September. Who am I kidding? I’m going back to a muggle school stuck with muggles. I’m just kidding. Muggle school is really not that bad especially if you have a great friends like my friends. But I also have a problem with my friends. I have too many and I really don’t know to which group of friends would I go with tomorrow. So many friends, so little time. 

Another problem, also just popped in my head. How on earth would I document my senior year? Bringing a heavy bulky camera to school is not one of my options. Jolting down my thoughts on a journal is too mainstream. (It really sucks when what you’re doing with your group of friends spreads out to the popular kids then they follow you. It just make everything so wrong.) Blogging it in Tumblr or WordPress is not really a good idea. (Traumatize by what happened to Jenna in Awkward plus I don’t want to add my problems to your own problems in the real world. ) 

How I wish I have a Polaroid or the Instax my friend mentions or Samsung S4.

How I wish I could be absent so I could finish all my Summer to-do list.

All I could do is wish.

but I can’t be absent… well I can but I just can’t miss my first day in school, right? And who knows maybe something unexpected could happen.

Oh well, I know you’re excited for my next post about my first day in school but you guys have to wait. You know you love me, xoxo, Alex.


School during the summer


A little school during the summer won’t hurt, right? Hell no.

At first, I really didn’t want to review for College Entrance Exams during the summer because it was too early. Plus, I’ve got short termed memory. (Well, it’s self proclaimed like how I diagnosed myself to have dyslexia or ADHD at some days.)

Then my friends are having fun during the summer at some other place and I’m going to study?! I didn’t want to be geeky or worse nerdy. (Nothing against nerds…it’s just….)

My dad suddenly enrolled me to this CETs review center and it doesn’t come cheap though. I actually prayed to God that he would at least provide me with even just 1 batch mate I know three times. (when I went to dinner then lunch and before I entered the review center. )He actually granted my wish and I thought I would only have one batch mate but we were actually 5 in the review center. Since I was absent the first day, I had to take a diagnostic test that lasted for four hours, no break. It was actually effing hard specially if you can’t concentrate because people decided to text you when you’re doing something while last night you were waiting for someone to reply to your GM and nobody did + your phone is on vibrate. Then, your stomach is growling because apparently that Japanese fast food you and your crush went to served small serving but of course you didn’t want to complain to your crush that first you don’t like Japanese food, ever since you went to this eat-all-you-can restaurant last year. And duh!!! It’s my effing opportunity to have lunch with my crush. (Yeah, fortunately my crush decided to Review for the summer and double plus we were in the same review center!!! WEEEEE)

I really need to stop with the long sentences, right?

The review was unbelievably fun . I got to meet other people from other schools and places. There was this guy I met and he actually was decent enough to walk me to school because I had to drop something to the principal’s office. (The review center was walking distance to the school.)

The teachers were incredibly interactive. My favorite would be the Language Proficiency teacher because, 1, she gave away this incredibly chewy Korean caramel milk bars. 2. She actually got to remember my name in just the first meeting.

On the last day, the review center gave us free shirts but I think I won’t wear that one. (Glad to be AHEAD... really?!) Then my friend, Sky decided to treat the bunch to a movie. We watched Scary Movie 5 which was R-16 but we practically dressed up as college students so they let us in. It was corny but that was the only movie all of us could agree about. (Iron Man 3: already watched that. Big Wedding: Uhm, we had guys. Do you really expect them to watch a cheesy romantic movie. Star Trek: Into the Darkness: not everyone is a fan of Sci-Fi movie)

We said our goodbyes to each other but promises to text or chat one another. (Not really good with promises.) Then I got to learn a lot of things like watching TV series could wait and stuffs like that. Plus, I get to see my crush during the summer.

[Hint: he is not in any picture below 😉 ]


Image (17)


April Rush



What I do during summer? Uhm… I shop

Favorite place during the summer: San Juan, La Union and malls

Favorite treat: Halo-Halo

During the first week of April, I went to school to enroll for my senior year, then I met with my friends. [check out the story] After that my parents and I attended a wedding at Pangasinan. It was a very hot day and I can say my life was saved by aircon blasting from the reception. Actually, that was the quickest wedding I’ve ever been. The church only lasted for about 45 mins. while the reception only lasted for about an hour.

On the second week, I met with my friends. [Anna, Kyla, Erika] We were supposed to watch a movie but all the movies that were showing sucked. So we decided to just go to the KTV and we sang 20 songs. Anna has the videos that were very embarrassing. The only sucker thing about the KTV thing is that before they give you the room where you can sing all you can. You have to choose first your songs then they’ll input it to the karaoke machine. Well, at first it was Kyla who was choosing the songs then the next ten songs I was the one choosing. Thing is I didn’t know there was this MTV only section. (no lyrics, just the music video) Really, dude, what’s the use of music video if there was no lyrics, what’s the point in going to a KTV?

Third week, I went with my parents to Manila. I actually just stayed at the mall and shopped and ate. (What a fun summer? No.) Then my rents and I went to the birthday party of our family friend where we stayed at Laguna for two days. The resort they rented was kind of small but at least there was unli aircon and WiFi at the place. It was pretty fun cause my uncle made this Kare-Kare seafood.( Cram dori, squid, tiger shrimps)


During my spare time, I just read books. I love books.

So, yeah that’s the happening of my summer.